Posted by: tiancai17 | October 16, 2008

2 Week Follow-Up w/ Doc

I had my 2 week follow-up appointment with my doctor to remove the sutures and to see how the wound is healing. He said everything looks good and I can get that area wet now. He also set my boot to 90 degrees to increase movement/flexibility with the ankle and I will also be getting physical therapy soon. The ankle does feel tight. Hope all is well with the rest of you.


tiancai17 - Glad to hear that you had a positive follow-up. Enjoy being able to wash your foot! :)

That’s good, I am only a few days in front of you with our time lines. I have a walking boot as well but i have 2 heel inserts inside to keep my foot at nowhere near 45 degrees.

Be careful now, its really strange with the boot on. I stumbled last night and ended up having all my weight on my bad leg but the boot did its job. Yes it hurt like hell but only in my ankle area and my AT was no pain at all as the heels stopped my foot from stretching.

I take my boot off three times a day at the moment and started to curl my toes as well as wiggle. I have also started moving my foot side to side to get a little movement back and its great. It has helped with the pain and swelling in the ankle area but has no ill effect on my AT cause it does not move when i do my stretching. I had a little swelling after getting up this morning but as soon as i took the boot off and started my little ankle exercises it pretty much went. I have not used ice yet as i have not really had the need.

I sleep in the boot at the moment as i am not comfortable or confident enough not to. Ina week or so i will try just sleeping with the inner sock fitting and see how i go from there.

Take Care.

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