Posted by: tiancai17 | October 12, 2008

Any good 1 week post-op rehab tips?

I have visted the rehab protocols on this website but was wondering if anyone knows any other good 1 week post-op rehab tips? Thanks in advance!


Keep your foot above your heart as much as you can.

Wiggle your toes a little if you can, Only a slight wiggle will help if your too worried. Before I left hospital the both the physio and the orthopedic therapist advised me to wiggle my toes to get the bloody circulating better.

Good Luck

Yes, wiggle, but don’t hesitate to sleep and control pain with meds. PROTEIN is essential!!! Your surgery must heal! Richard has some great movie selections! Don’t rush back to work if you can help it. Take a baby aspirin while immobile to prevent dvt. Start researching some good rehab centers, and if your insurance covers them.

Get the Preauth in WRITING, from both the insurance company and the PT office so you know your co-pay.

I don’t want to sit on the sidelines either!!! This week my rehab is water aerobics, in a county pool, at $6 per hour, but you can stay and do more than that in the pool. My bill for PT rehab over week 5,6,7 post op was over $1000, for 7 sessions. Glad I ended it because now I am going to work with a certified personal trainer, for the same price as my co-pay.

don’t try to do too much yourself. Patience. Foot elevated - can’t overstress that.

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