Posted by: tiancai17 | October 8, 2008

Video link of Misty May-Treanor’s ATR

Misty May-Treanor’s ATR - It can happen to all of us when we least expect it.


Ouch! Brings back bad memories! I know mine popped but hers was insanely loud!

I noticed that Dennis posed on Misty’s website with a shoutout for achillesblog. Have we had a celebrity member yet? (other than kkdub)

tiancai17 - I noticed that Misty’s momentum was going backwards when she jumped and landed. I ruptured my achilles backpedalling and then shifting momentum to run forward, and similar things happened to another person as well. It’s something about back pedaling/jumping.. I’ve stopped backpedaling when playing basketball/tennis. I always remember to turn around and run instead. :)

Interesting. The day that I ruptured my Achilles tendon I was also doing a lot of backpedaling in tennis. I’m never going to do that again!

I too tore mine backpeddling and sprinting forward. I am a trainer and was demonstrating some plyometrics for a client. I also sent a note to Misty encouraging her to visit this site. This site and a few others have kept me sane. Thank you so much Dennis. Words don’t even express!

Smish - what are some other sites that kept you sane? I wish to visit them as well if it’s related to ATR. Thanks!

tiancai17: The other sites I have spent a lot of time on Dennis has provided some links to. Marfell Familly/Achilles blog, Injuryupdate/Achilles, and Simon Barratt. To me, this site ( is the most comprehensive but the others are interesting too.

Thanks Smish!

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