Posted by: tiancai17 | October 4, 2008

Post-OP and when does it hurt the most?

I just had my surgery. My ankle really bothers me; kind of an aching pain. I’m on a PainPump right now. I’m just curious when does the pain subsides? I have a difficult time┬ásleeping right now because of the pain. Does it hurt more the day after surgery or week after surgery? Thanks for all of your support. I really appreciate this forum!


For me the 1 week was the worst. I came off the pain medication (oxycodone) 3 days post op. Just try and keep your foot elevated above your heart to keep the swelling to a minimum. Everyday should get better. The worst part for me was the inability to function for myself and relying on my wife and kids to do everything. Keep reading this blog there is a lot of good advice on here.
Take care

I am now 5 days post op, the first day I was full of pain killers and anesthetic. Days 2 and 3 were pretty bad and i ws taking the full quota of pain killers i could.

Now day 5 i have reduced the pain killers by 2 a day and hope to go down by 2 more by day 7. The foot only gives me great pain when i am standing on my crutches for a few minutes. I keep it elevated as much as i can and then i am able to cope.

what really help me the most with the pain was when I gently massage all my toes. I know they postion my feet a certain way, and my toes sometimes feel like their going numb. That’s when I gently massage it.

Everyone has a different response to pain. I had no pain the 2nd day after surgery and was only taking Ibuprofen to reduce swelling for the next week. Do take the pills if you’re in pain as extreme pain will only slow your healing process. Elevate and sleep, best advice.

The 1st week blows..after that everyday will be better.

I’d advise to keep the foot above the heart as much as you can…not just elevated. My doc was big on that detail..above the heart really minimizes the swelling. I would lie on the ground and put my foot up on the couch or the audimon(sp?)..still do it now after working it out or playing golf..feels great and really drains out the fluids in there.

Good Luck

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