Posted by: tiancai17 | October 1, 2008

More pain in the morning?

I keep my injured leg elevated during the night when I sleep. When I wake up and sit my foot down, there’s more pain in the injured area? Is that common? It that because the blood rushes down to the foot? I am also wearing a fracture boot right now as advised by my doctor and the boot is extremely heavy. I guess I am still adjusting to all of this.


You have answered you own questions, and yes I think you are right.

It always is a slight shock to the system when you put your food down in the morning, usually takes a few minutes to sort itself out.

Don’t know about the boot though, as I had a cast.

Good luck anyway

I am 7 days post opand off the pain killers. I get the same feeling when i put the foot down at any time of day. I sleep now without any pillows under my leg and i also only need to keep my leg elevated on a stool and no longer ned to keep it above my heart level

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