round 2…

Feeling somewhat back to normal, i continued my work in outside sales. It was a Friday shortly after the Feb. Blizzard here in Chicago and there was a ton of snow. I walked out of an account, a gym no less, and my foot sunk in on the packed snow. Snap! louder then the first [...]

round one…

The insurance company promptly turned down my PCP’s request for the MRI, 2 days post tear, and i saw the Orthopedic Surgeon on day 5. He did the Thompson’s test and concluded my achilles was indeed torn.┬áHe ordered the much cheaper ultrasound to make sure. He reviewed the gap and told me no surgery. I [...]

the incident…

First off…i cannot begin to tell y’all the help that your posts and this site gave me when i first ruptured my Achilles in October 2010.
Now, i humbly submit my story in the hopes of easing someones concerns and stress immediately following a tear. (my first resource the night of the incident was the Internet…and [...]

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