the incident…

First off…i cannot begin to tell y’all the help that your posts and this site gave me when i first ruptured my Achilles in October 2010.

Now, i humbly submit my story in the hopes of easing someones concerns and stress immediately following a tear. (my first resource the night of the incident was the Internet…and this site).

I am a 34 year old active athletic male, or at least i was. “Pre-tear”, i was running/working out 5x a week, and keeping my competitive juices flowing  by playing in 2-3 softball and football leagues. The night of October 18th 2010, i was playing football on artificial turf. I was rushing the Quarterback and trying to elude a block, in doing so, i tried to push through the opponent and felt a HORRIBLE pain in the back of my leg. I likened it to someone hitting me just below the calf with a hatchet. Immediately, i thought someone kicked me from behind, hard. When i turned and saw no one there, i knew what it was. I tried to walk but fell to the ground. Got sick to my stomach and drove myself home. The next day i went to my PCP and she told me what i already knew…ATR. She ordered up a MRI, gave me some vicodin and referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. The new doc was not available for 5 days, so i got some crutches and waited it out….

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