round one…

The insurance company promptly turned down my PCP’s request for the MRI, 2 days post tear, and i saw the Orthopedic Surgeon on day 5. He did the Thompson’s test and concluded my achilles was indeed torn. He ordered the much cheaper ultrasound to make sure. He reviewed the gap and told me no surgery. I was both relieved and put-off as some of the research i did said that surgery was the way. Nope. 8 weeks in a cast changed out every 2 weeks and then to a walking boot, and then to physical therapy. I played by the rules. Did everything asked of me. Got the cast off…huge win. Walking boot put in the closet…another win. PT for 4 weeks making progress, FWB, normal shoes, and gaining strength and mobility…Victory!!

it was 18 weeks from time of rupture to that point. I endured much and learned alot from everyone on this blog …i was feeling good, until the unthinkable happened…

3 Responses to “round one…”

  1. Have you re-ruptured or ruptured the other AT? If so, sorry to hear that & how did it happen??

  2. Oh no thats horrid, you must be feeling really low to say the least. Hope the recovery is speedy try to stay positive - I know that’s a tough ask but it’s the only way to go.

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