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Please leave a comment here if you are interested in either donating or would like someone to donate equipment to aid in Achilles recovery. Also see below for information regarding Good Will. They’ll lend you medical equipment for free . (At least in Minnesota) Thanks Bri for letting us know.

( does not bear any responsibility for the product and does not get involved in the details of the transaction. Every product on this page should not have a cost associated when changing hands, except for the shipping cost.)

Offering donating following items:
johnskier - clean, used shower cast cover for your leg, free to anyone who needs it. Leave a comment on his blog if you are interested.

dennis - clean, used DJ ortho walking boot (just below knee high), free to anyone who needs it. Leave a comment on my blog if you are interested. Pictures of the boot can be found on my blog as well. It has one pump for air cushioning, and it’s black.

Requests for donations:

Good Will lends out medical equipment (At least in Minnesota). Thanks Bri for letting us know.
Good Will Medical Equipment

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  1. Hey there Blog King! Question-Can you pls tell me how to update my little name from PWB to YEAH YIPPEE 2 f*$&*&#* Shoes? Hip Hip Horray…I’m in the 2 shoes club…finally. :) Bad thing…now I have to find the mates to my socks….the one-sock thing had it’s advantages!

  2. One long shower cover, hardly used, to anyone who can collect or lives in norfolk, uk.

  3. 1 Moon Boot free to a good home ;) But hmm, i’m in New Zealand. I did wonder whether there might be some charity that takes this sort of stuff for developing countries, does anyone know?

  4. I live in Ann Arbor.
    Faith in Action in nearby Chelsea and Dexter have a good supply of medical assist needs at no charge.
    We found everything we needed for 2 family hip surgeries..
    Look in your area for similar church/charity sources, the surgeon’s office only recommended buying shower chairs, crutches, elevated toilet seats, etc
    Try Craigslist also

  5. I live in Birmingham, AL. I recently tore my achilles. I do not have insurance, but am in desperate need of a boot. I did some research and saw that vacocast is the very best thing out there. If anyone knows where I can get one of these at a discount, could you please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  6. tdnupe3, several people here have been impressed with the service they got when they contacted the VacoCast people directly, so I’d try that.

    It’s also possible that one the VacoCast folks here still have one to spare.

    If that doesn’t work. . . I think (a) the VacoCast is clearly a great boot, and (b) I think there are advantages to using a hinged boot. OTOH, (a) there are probably much cheaper hinged boots out there, and (b) the new study with the best results — — used the AirCast, a simple fixed/unhinged boot (with 2 cm of heel wedges).

    You say “recently” but you don’t say HOW recently. If you can get into a second-best boot a day or two sooner than you can get into a VacoCast, I’d personally go for the earlier immobilization. Especially for a non-op cure, it’s logical that the early period is an especially important time to keep the torn ends close to each other and stationary.

  7. How would I contact the Vacocast individuals on this site? My email address is

    When I say recently: I initially injured my tendon a couple of months ago and did not take injury seriously until about 6 weeks went by and I was still limping. I then got on a sea-doo this past weekend and re-injured it. The second injury has been much more painful than the initial injury.

  8. tdnupe3, if you search for VacoCast, you’ll probably find most of the blog pages that rave about the Vaco. If you post on those people’s blogs, they’ll probably get an e-mail notice that there’s a new post. If they’ve still got a boot and they’re interested in helping out, they’ll contact you.

    BTW, in my first sentence above, I was talking about the business that makes and sells the Vaco; in the others (and in this post), I was talking about people here who’ve used the Vaco. (BTW, it’s called VacoPed in Europe and maybe UK.)

  9. Also, tdnupe3, I think you’ve got to find a way to see a real Doc with your AT, and maybe even have a scan to see what’s torn and where, or not. Sorry about the costs. (Will Pres. Obama’s new health-care reform arrive soon enough to help you? I’m in Canada and not paying that much attention, sorry.)

    Healing in a boot with a good protocol (like ) works very well (and cheaply) on “fresh” just-ruptured ATs, but yours sounds more complicated than most.

  10. having surgery to remove spur and broken piece on the 17th. wish me luck. scared to death!

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  12. I have a new Achilles Air Cam Boot that I will give you for free. Just pay the shipping, which should be under $20. I used it once and then bought a VacoCast. Email me. Ron

  13. I have a DJO MaxTrax boot available for pickup in San Diego, or I’ll deliver / ship it when I’m crutchless (hopefully by 8/1). Leave a comment on my blog ( if interested.

  14. I have an iwalk2.0 for sale. I’m in California and would ship it out. Email me if interested.


  15. I have a VACOcast in great condition for sale–size Large. Comes with extra liner and all parts. I’m in Northern California and will ship out.
    Email / message me if interested.

  16. Sethhardwood eyceman im extremely interested in getting the vacocast and i walk off your hands! Having AT debridemet very soon. . Email is

  17. Hello forum, I have a Vaco Cast in excellent shape. I paid over $ 300 and would like to donate it to someone in recovery.
    If anyone needs it, let me know!

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