Swim - Cast Covers

  • Pro-Tec HotCold Therapy Wrap Medium (I’ve heard that these work through the cast, but I haven’t tried them)
    Pro-Tec HotCold Therapy Wrap Medium

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  1. I just turned 32 and this year, I went to Burning Man for my 8th year out there. There was an enormous slide and I decided to run up it to get to the top. On my fourth run up (racing someone to the top), in mid-stride, I felt like someone had kicked me from behind, and on the next stride I felt the awful ripping sensation. I’m a doctor, so I instantly knew exactly what had just happened.

    Got back to civilization and was in the surgeon’s office two days later (thank goodness for professional courtesy) and in the OR two days after that. Lost my anesthesia, major surgery, and intubation virginity all in one go!

    Today is Post-Op-Day 17 (POD17) and I’m going stir-crazy. I am a competitive swimmer (which is probably why I ruptured my achilles tendon at full-force; I don’t usually use it that way) and I can’t swim. All I can do is go to the gym and keep working with that personal trainer to try not to get fat and too deconditioned.

    I was supposed to start my new job; thats been put off by 8 weeks. The surgeon says no weight bearing until 6 weeks post-op.

    So far, my protocol has been:
    1) Hard splint off at POD8 and replaced by CAM boot.
    2) Allowed to immerse in water at POD 14, but no swimming, just soaking/hot-tubbing.
    3) Started PT on POD11. So far, I can mostly curl my toes on the injured side. I can also dorsiflex to about -10° and point to almost where my good foot can point.
    4) Presumably at 6 weeks I’ll start partial weight-bearing.

    I’ve told everyone that I will be very impatient until I can bear weight. Since my usual exercise routine is non-weight-bearing, all I *need* is to be able to walk, work, and swim. I can wait 8 months for the limp and asymmetry to go away, if that’s what it takes.

    My partner is great. He does my laundry, brings me water, empties the middle-of-the-night urinal, cleans, etc. I’m very well-cared-for, but…

    I am going stir-crazy sitting here. I’m supposed to be a champion competitive swimmer and a young pediatrician just starting out on his career. Instead, I’m a cripple who’s home a lot for the next month. And that’s the hardest part of it.

  2. Welcome to the club, Mike.

    It’s been a tough year for pediatrics! Ultidad is a peds anesthesiologist, I’m in neonatal, and now you’re here.

    You’re young and fit, so this will no doubt drive you nuts, but you will be up and around before you know it.

    Good luck,


  3. I’ve got the xerosox and it is brilliant. Having been swimming in it, but I use it for showering every day. It is really easy to put on coz it is so big, then you just pump out the air with the little pump provided. Nothing to tie etc. And so far my cast has stayed bone dry. Definitely worth it. Bought it over the internet (local website in New Zealand) and received it two days later. Highly recommended.

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  8. I would just like to put in an enthusiastic review in for Dry-Pro! I live in UK and ruptured my Achilles 4 weeks before I was due to go on holiday to Turkey. Once I had checked with my doctor it was OK to go, I was determined to make the best of it. Dry Pro was the second cast cover I ordered as the first one was labelled as not suitable for swimming (although not clear from the website). The Dry Pro product was fantastic. It slips on over your cast and has a vacuum pump to remove the air. Once that is done the cast is completely waterproof and I could pretty much do anything I wanted to in the pool. It felt very safe and secure, and it truly made my holiday. If you are going in holiday, or just want to swim at home, do take the plunge!

  9. This is a great durable cast cover that does not cut off circulation.


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