The Day of Injury through Today (Day #33 Post Surgery)

Hello AchillesBloggers,

My name is Matt.  This post will summarize the point at which I ruptured my Achilles through today (8/24/2020).

Before I jump into my story, I will say that I am a 28 year old male with a bulkier build.  At the time of the injury, I was 6′ and about 240 pounds. Granted my weight isn’t a good indicator of it, I did exercise regularly (about 4-5 times per week and played basketball 2-3 times per week).

On Monday, 7/13/2020, I ruptured my left Achilles while warming up to play a basketball game.  Yes, while warming up and post stretch.  When I warm up, I like to break a little sweat to get my body ready for the actual game. So I’ll work on some isolation moves and cuts to the basket to get some layups in then slowly move out to working on my jumpers.  I was pretty much warmed up and ready to play at the time of the injury. I missed a corner 3-pointer, it hit the front of the rim and bounced towards half-court. The initial motion of me pushing off to go get my rebound caused my Achilles to rupture.  The pain wasn’t too bad.  I was more shocked than anything. I had headphones in and I still think the pop sounded like and was as loud as someone doing a single “clap” behind my head.  The snap itself felt like someone’s ball accidentally hit the back of my ankle.

On Tuesday, 7/14/2020, I went to see a podiatrist to get my ankle checked out. He did a Thompson test and concluded I had ruptured my tendon, but still needed to get an MRI for safety measures.  He put me in a walking boot at this time.

On Thursday, 7/16/2020, I got the MRI. It showed that I had ruptured my Achilles.

On Thursday, 7/23/2020, I had surgery to re-attach my ruptured Achilles and was thrown into a cast. Immediately post surgery the pain was pretty brutal.  Overall though, the pain wasn’t too bad and I was off pain killers by Saturday afternoon 7/25/2020.

On Friday, 8/7/2020, I got the sutures removed from my incision.  I had one other doctor’s appointment before this one and post surgery, but that one was to make sure the incision was healing up nicely without infection.  Up until this point I was non-weight bearing (NWB).  The doctor took me out of the cast this day and through me back into the walking boot.

On Tuesday, 8/11/2020, I started partial weight bearing (PWB).  From surgery to this point, I had not put any weight on my foot.  PWB involves walking with the aid of crutches to remove weight from your injured leg.  Over the course of the next week I began adding more and more weight to the leg until I could bear all of my weight.

On Tuesday, 8/18/2020, I started fully wight bearing (FWB) and walking without the aid of the crutches.  This date also marks the date I stopped taking blood thinners.

On Saturday, 8/22/2020, I removed the first of three 1/2″ heel wedges from my walking boot.

Today, 8/24/2020, was the first day of my physical therapy.  It was kind of depressing to be honest. My brain was sending messages to my ankle to do things, but it just wasn’t doing them.  Also, the flexibility is non-existent, but that is to be expected at this time.

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  1. Hello Matt,

    I’m sorry to hear about your rupture. I have heard what a drag it can be recovering from it. I hope your recovery will be fast andthat you will be back to your normal routines. I’ve also been suffering from Achilles Tendonitis from over a month now. There are good days and bad days. However, I’ve recently had a flare up that was quite painful. Even slapping my thigh while listening to music sitting down can cause bad pain on my Achilles tendon. It is mostly my left one that is pretty bad, but my right one hurts here and there too but it never goes above 3-4/10 pain whereas my left could be 6-7/10 pain. My podiatrist says that I need to wear a walking boot for 3-4 weeks and not walk, exercise or stretch! even after doing an ultrasound and only finding small fibrous tears. I thought this was excessive for something not so diagnostically serious, and after wearing the walking boot for a couple days it just caused more pain on my knees and back and ached other parts of my ankle. When I saw my physiotherapist, he even said that the walking boot was excessive and that all I needed was a few days rest and light exercising such as walking, swimming and cycling and stretching/strengthening regiment. My orthopedist said as well (I went to see him for my chronic back pain and brought up my tendon issues) that walking will actually help with the healing process and inflammation and will not cause further damage. I was wondering what do you think? Getting a rapture makes my anxiety go wild. Sucks that the achilles tendon takes much longer to heal because of poor blood circulation there.

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