Day 41

I’m at approximately 6 weeks out from surgery and I’m pleased with recovery thus far.   I had my last appointment on 6/22.  It wasn’t with my doc but with physician assistant which looks like will be the usual.  He said I can now walk as long as it’s comfortable.  I had actually started doing this a week or two before the appointment.  I’ve been monitoring pain, discoloration and level of swelling, and my body seems to be responding pretty good. 

I start physical therapy either later this week or first part of next week.  The PA said I won’t start doing any strength work until August which I don’t like too much.  At the rate I’m healing, it seems like I should start before that.  I’ll be doing mainly range of motion exercises in the beginning.  ROM on injured leg is close to what it is on non-injured leg.  I can also do heel raises sitting down with no trouble.   So I hope PT won’t be a waste of time.  Nonetheless I am looking forward to it.  It’s just another step in the healing process and means I’m closer to getting back to 100%.

Also, I had one heel lift removed about a week and a half ago.  And the final one comes out in a few days.  I’m ready for this because I think it will make the boot a more comfortable fit.

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  1. Many of us started on gentle strength work (like stretching relatively lightweight Therabands) WAY before the 3 or 4 months you’re expected to wait. Find “my” protocol, linked from my blog page, if you can (or ask for directions) and check it out. (I remember it says you can start “sports-specific exercises” including plyometrics at “>12 weeks”, so I’m sure it says the therabands are way earlier than that.)

    That protocol produced excellent results with and without surgery in a good-sized study, so I don’t think there’s any good reason to go any slower.

    With a neglected and “not sexy” injury like an ATR, it’s apparently up to us to educate our health professionals, rather than the other way around!

  2. I was given a yellow Theraband and some exercises to do with it at my first PT appointment which was right at 2 weeks post-op.

  3. I’ll have to check out the theraband. I’m unfamiliar with it. I’m calling tomorrow to set up physical therapy for next week. Maybe they will suggest it there.

  4. Therabands are like giant rubber bands except they come on rolls and can be cut to various lengths. They come in different colors which designates how elastic they are. Yellow is very elastic, blue is less elastic and dark gray is pretty tough. There may be other colors but those are the ones I’ve been given by physical therapists. I would be kind of surprised if you don’t get one at your first PT appointment.

  5. The dogma that strength work has to wait for weeks or months after surgery is one of the things I rejected with my homemade rehab. I think it’s a waste to not take advantage of the strength of the surgical repair. It makes more sense to me to start contracting that calf muscle as early as possible, to minimize the atrophy and shorten the recovery. Maybe someday that approach will get properly tested, (or maybe surgery will all but disappear in the coming years, who knows).

    Having said that, you are doing well if you are doing sitting calf raises at six weeks. I was at that point at about five weeks, and I started doing single leg calf raises about four weeks later.

    I hope your recovery keeps going well,


  6. Doug…were you doing standing single leg calf raises at about 9 weeks or am I reading above statement wrong? I can’t wait to do some real calf raises. My calf is atrophied but thankfully it’s not too bad. I expected it to be alot worse.

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