Day 7 / 1st Post-Op Appt

I had my first post-op dr appt today (7 days out).    And a couple of questions now arise.   I was supposed to be put in boot today; currently in stint/cast.  This would be a NWB (if I have abbreviation correctly).   But apparently the doc changed this to 2 weeks instead of 1 week.  Is this the usual amount of time to be in stint/cast?   I have seen a few entries where 2 weeks was also listed, but is this the norm?

Also, the doc said before surgery that I would be on crutches for 4 weeks.  And I believe he said 4 weeks for putting no weight on leg.   Today I was told I’d be on crutches for 6 weeks!   And probably won’t be able to put weight on the leg until the end of 6 week period.   I’m sure this could change depending on progress, but does this sound right?  I’m not really sure how many functioning human beings can go 6 weeks without putting weight on a leg, so this should be interesting.   Although I don’t regret decision to have surgery, it almost seems like the doc gave me quicker time frames so that I would lean toward having the procedure. 

I don’t want a re-rupture so I will take as long as needed to heal.

I’d love to take an unofficial poll.  How long were you guys on crutches?

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  1. My Doc followed the printed protocol he handed me, “No Surprises” (the slogan of a Motel chain, I now forget which one!). Mine was without surgery, but the same exact protocol was used for post-op patients in the study we were following.

    That was 2 wks to PWB (which usually means Partial WB, but was translated to “Protected” WB on this protocol — the same thing, I think), then “WBAT” (as tolerated) at 4 weeks. I think it was around 5 weeks when I realized I’d forgotten where I’d left the cane that replaced the crutches.

    After my first ATR (and surgery), I was on crutches for a LONG time, in for most of my time in 3 casts (though the 3rd was a fiberglass “walking” cast). I found my “bad-side” knee was starting to hurt a lot from non-WB and from me spending so much time kneeling on it, like at the bathroom and kitchen sinks. The boot (and an “elevator shoe” on the other foot, to balance the heights) definitely helped the rest of my body.

    I’ve been suggesting that people request (or demand) a written protocol, because I found mine to be hugely beneficial and empowering. It eliminates all concerns about “bait and switch” and “scope creep” and the arbitrary vagaries of changing moods and whims that are troubling you now. If we believed that there was some magical indication on your foot that told your Doc that you needed another two weeks, it would be one thing. But most of the recent study results have apparently surprised the studies’ authors, so there’s no such indication, AFAICS.

  2. I was in a cast for 7 weeks, with no weight bearing. I used a wheel about, where you put your knee on a very narrow walker with wheels and go on your way. It was very handy. But most of the time I just sat or laid with my foot propped up.
    Just take it easy and do what the nice Dr. tells you to do LOL.

  3. Thanks for the info Norm.

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