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Filed under: Uncategorized — thelifechangingpop at 5:35 am on Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just came back from picking up a loan car while I wait for my automatic to arrive, strikes in the transport industry mean that my car is stuck up country! So first time that I’ve driven in nearly 6 weeks, kept on reaching for the gear lever to change gears and then remembering that there’ll be no more gear changing for the forseeable future :(.

I’ve been FWB for this week with my Vacocast at 10 degrees plantar flexion and allowing a bit of ROM, not sure how to measure this. Been fabulous to be mobile and to be able to carry things again. Initially no discomfort but then started with pain in my heel which became agony during a brief shopping trip. Moved the beads in the liner around and this helped a bit but definitely a limit as to how long I can stand on my feet. Was wearing a wedged flip flop shoe on my right foot as this evened things up nicely but ankle on right started to pronate quite markedly and the thought of slipping off wedge shoe and twisting my ankle was a sobering one. Started wearing my running shoe on the right foot and although not quite even certainly more stable. Chuffed that I could walk faster each day, the 20 minute walk to the physio can now be done in 8 minutes, yeehah.

I read Hopalong’s blog this morning, along with all the comments, thanks all of you out there, and realised that the change from rocker sole to flat sole may set me back a day or two in my biped status. Armed with this  I decreased plantar flexion to 5 degrees (instruction booklet with my Vacoped says that between 10 and 30 degrees rocker sole must be used) and swopped the rocker for a flat sole. Yup, one step back indeed. Strange feeling of almost walking on my heel and whereas before I was striding out with nice long strides I am now back to doing short steps somewhat gingerly. Pain in my heel much better though but haven’t done much walking today.

Have still not had any physio on my ankle. The physio work that I have had has all concentrated on my neck and upper back vertrebrae that have tied themselves in little knots due to my initial crutching, hours spent slumping on the couch and weird and wonderful sleeping positions in an attempt to share my bed with my Vacoped!! Did a bit of swimming in the last few days, Vacoped is remarkably bouyant so just let my legs float behind me and gave my arms a bit of a workout doing some lengths,  very slow ones, in the pool. Was good to feel weightless in the water and now that I can drive I will definitely be spending more time in the pool. Otherwise i do some very gentle hingeing of my ankle twice a day and 2 or 3 alphabets, the hingeing of my boot is no doubt improving my range of motion.

I don’t think that my foot was ever at 30 degree plantar flexion,  I think the term is equinus, and certainly I can’t point my toes on my ATR leg. When I take my Vacoped off to let my foot breath I would say that my foot is virtually in a neutral position when my leg is resting supported. Am still sensitive to the touch up the back of my tendon and the swelling shifts up and down the length of my scar. There’s a nasty sensitive lump of scar tissue at the point where the tendon was sutured back together,  am hoping that when I start with my ankle physio work they’ll do some mobilisation work on this.

Am seeing my surgeon on Thursday next week, a part of me wants to saunter into his rooms with my Vacoped but the “keep your surgeon happy” part of me thinks I should crutch my way in. I suspect he won’t even notice that I’ve changed boots, hee hee.

Gentle healing to you all.

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Comment by Tsobaza

March 2, 2014 @ 6:32 pm

So glad to hear your footsie is feielng better! If you need to still use a crutch when you come No Worries Mate, I will borrow one from our Mates The time she is a coming closer ..A BEYOND EXCITED. Love ya MWA

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