Mixed feelings

July 12, 2011

So..I went back to see my surgeon yesterday exactly 4 weeks to the day of my ATR but only just over 2 weeks since my Op. I was previously told when I left left after my Op that I’d come back to be put in plaster again for another 4 weeks.

To my suprise and delight though he decided to put me into an Aircast boot..!! Is this about right as a timescale or is this a bit early..?? I only have 3 horizontal scars down my AT which have healed nicely. I’m still REALLY nervous about putting any weight on my leg, although I can rest my foot totally on the floor when I’m sat down.

The boot will have 3 wedges in it to gradually adjust me back to neutral and I’ve gott lose a wedge every 2 weeks til I’m free of it…just in time for my London trip !!

Only downside is that I have to go back to get it fitted today as there Orthotist that is the ONLY person who can fit these boots didn’t work on Tuesdays or on Fridays….yet they booked my appointment for that day..! Unbelievable..!

Still I can see light at the end of the tunnel now and I’m just wary of the gradual weight bearing process with increasing fears of doing more damage… :-( Overreaction I know but i’m so desparate to recover without any hassle..



3 weeks yesterday

June 29, 2011

Can’t believe it happened 3 weeks ago. Been having jabs in my stomach everyday since the op to lessen the chance of a clot, 2 more to go. I’ve given 2 lots of blood samples to keep an eye on my white blood cell count as well.

Just wondering what difference it makes but I’ll have been in a cast for 4 weeks to the day when I go for my first post op appointment on 5th July, but only just over 2 weeks since the operation. Will they take that into account or is it only the time since they cut me open ?

I’m getting more confident of recovery every time I read this site and my ONLY real concern is the healing process of the scar and not the tendon itself. I was told that on my next appointment that I’d be in a cast again for another 4 weeks..is that about right ?

Like most people I want to be as active as I can as early as possible but not at the risk of overdoing it too early. Looking foward to being able to stretch it and put some weight on it to start the muscle build process as well as the tendon strengthening….Bring it on..!!

All this has just made me appreciate my legs and body more and more determined to get super fit..!!

Hello world!

June 13, 2011

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