Jan 05 2012

On My Way…

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Dec 16 2011

Two Shoes!!!

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Just left the doctor! I am in two shoes! He told me NO Stillettos(!) but I already knew that!(My calf is not strong enough to handle my high heels!)  I was so thrilled that I reached into my bag and pulled out my left shoe!  It felt weird at first, but as I walked (I still use a cane.) I kept singing “I got no strings” or “Just keep swimming”!  I kind of got a little nervous and wanted to put my boot back on, but I didn’t want to be dependant on the boot anymore!  I am so grateful to be able to move my foot (I cannot wait to sleep in my bed tonight…without my boot!!)and I am so happy to be on my way to physical therapy!  I have turned the corner!!

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Nov 17 2011

A Diva’s road to recovery

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I am a fashionista! I wear cool clothes, sexy lingerie and my shoes are fabulous! My friends call me Diva, because of my style and my attitude!(good and bad!) I wear cool clothes, thigh highs and my shoes…sometimes they are 6 inch stillettos, sometimes a cute wedge heel, sometimes sexy thigh high boots(flat and high heel! I have both!)sometimes an adorable ballet flat. How can an injury like this happen to a fashionista like me? Well, I ruptured my Achilles on September 13, 2011 at an exercise class.(Ironically, I was running outside, barefoot!) When I went to the hospital, they told me it was just a sprain. After they gave me the brace, I told them it wasn’t supported and that I needed an orthopedic boot! They refused to give me one! I went back to work two days later(I am a chef!) and was limping around. Two weeks passed, and I could not wear my fabulous heels and was in pain. I went to my physician whom referred me to a physical therapist. She took one look at my calf and said “You need surgery!” We called around and I left her office with an appointment to meet my surgeon the following week. As soon as my surgeon saw me he said “So, Wednesday good for you?” I thought I could hold off a few more weeks but he said “No. Like 4 days from now!” My heart sank! I had to give a 3 day notice to my work that I was leaving(luckily, I am a seasonal employee and will go back next year!)and went into surgery. I wanted to take one of my high heels in to comfort me but my mother (whom I unfortunately live with and she is very controlling!) and I had a screaming match about how she thought it was foolish of me to bring my high heel. I whipped it across the room in anger!(It still sits under the table where I threw it!)I made it through surgery okay and was in the splint for a week. I ended up falling because my cat was walking in front of my crutches and I put my crutches on her tail by accident(she now doesn’t come near me unless I am seated!)and I fell! Since I fell, at my one week check up, I had to get a hard cast! I was devastated! I just wanted a boot to walk in but my surgeon had me do that so I don’t reinjure myself. I chose a black cast and called it my fall boot! I get this cast off tomorrow(YIPPEE!)and am gonna see what the orthopedic boot is about for 6 weeks. I am excited to walk again but what I am also excited about is wearing two sock or two stockings!(I was wearing a sexy lingerie ensemble for the the guy I was seeing and he said “You look great, but it will be better when you can wear thigh highs again. The cast and sexy lingerie combination looks funny!” Notice I said was seeing?) So now I wait! In about 14 hours from now, I will be in the boot, hopefully able to move. I miss shopping and I miss holding a cup of coffee or bottled water in my hand when I walk!(I will NEVER take that for granted again!) I look at my shoes and wish, hope and I pray that I will be able to walk in them again!(My sister and friends are lined up to take them if I cannot! (Not too happy about the metaphoric “buzzards” circling me!) I don’t know or understand wh this has happened to me but I hope that there is something good coming from this(Other than walking again!) I miss my sexy strut! I miss my confident swagger!

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