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Back on skis and on the football pitch

A quick progress report hopefully to give some encouragement to those at an earlier stage in the achilles rupture recovery process.

To briefly recap, I ruptured my achilles in early April 2009 and was treated by conservative protocol through the UK’s National Health Service. This was followed up by roughly weekly private physio appointments for about six months.

One of my greatest fears in the immediate aftermath of the achilles rupture was that I wouldn’t be able to play some of the sports I most enjoyed again. Having been reassured this wouldn’t be the case, I have been focussed on getting back to doing so.

I am pleased to report that after eight and a half months, I took advantage of Scotland’s best ski conditions for a couple of decades to ski for the day at Glenshee, one of the country’s major ski centres. This was a trial run really for an early January ski holiday that Laura and I booked following discussions with my physio.

I was delighted to find that skiing presented no problems and that I didn’t find myself constantly worrying about the injury and was able to totally enjoy myself. That day also gave me the confidence to know that the January trip to the Alps would be a success. Which it was. The skiing was good, the weather reasonable, the food and wine great and Laura said yes when I asked her to marry me, at the highest lift served point in the Three Valleys!

So following a successful ski trip, my next goal was to get back to playing football, the other sport I most enjoy. This I achieved yesterday, when I played thirty minutes of a game. While I found it harder than I had expected to get into the game, importantly for me, again I wasn’t worried about the achilles while on the pitch. So, 41 weeks after the rupture which took place on the football field, I had made it back.

My goal had been to play again within twelve months of the rupture, a target I surpassed by almost three months.

For those of you worrying that maybe conservative treatment might not be right, as I have done on several times since April, I hope I have shown that it will be possible to return to sport - and possibly sooner than you might think.

All the best to everyone with their recoveries.