Finally Made It! 2 Shoes!

I saw my surgeon yesterday and was told to get rid of the boot!  I’m allowed to drive so I had my other shoe out in the truck ,when I took the boot off to drive home I finally laced the shoe for the first time.  I was a little nervous to get out when I got home but I did it!  I was surprised I could walk as good as I can, I have a slight limp but if I concentrate I can walk pretty good.  The leg is very week but I can tell the difference from yesterday to today.  My calf and my thigh have alot of atrophy and I have lots of work to do to get them back.  Has anyone else had the atrophy of the thigh also?  I return to the doctor on Sept. 9th and he said he might let me return to work as a firefighter at that time if I work hard and get the strength back into the leg.  I go to therapy 3 days a week and he just stepped up the intensity now that I’m out of the boot.  I’m also joining a gym to start working on getting my upper body back in shape to return to full duty.  I have been in a swimming pool one day a week in therapy and I really believe this is the reason I can walk this good from walking in the pool without the boot.  I recommend it if you physical therapy location has a pool this is a great resource for your rehab. To everyone out there be patient it does get better it just takes time!  I wish everyone the best of luck with their recovery,  this site really helps!  Take care !


2 Responses to “Finally Made It! 2 Shoes!”

  1. Congratulations! You made it.

    And, thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely start using the pool as soon as I am out of my cast (7 days to go) and the doc says it is ok to do so.

  2. Good on you Dave, top effort mate. I am a couple of weeks behind you but also have noticeable atrophy of the calf (noticeable) and quad (not so noticeable). My physio encouraged me to do quad-raises as soon as I was FWB in the boot which helped me keep my thigh in shape, can highly recommend this for you. My calf looks like a noodle, however, which sux. Apparently it comes back a lot more quickly once you start really bearing weight. Good luck champ.

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