6 Weeks Post Op!

Hello Everyone!

Well I had my 6 week exam today, and I was given the green light to start PWB today.  I was told I no longer have to have to wear the boot to sleep in!  Thank God!  I was told to start putting weight as much as I could tolerate and try to get rid of the crutches in a week or two.  He said I have to wear the boot  for everything except sleep, shower, and physical therapy for the next 6 weeks.  I have already removed all the wedges and my foot is flat on the boot.  I tried to put some weight on it with my crutches however; I felt very unstable when I put pressure on it.  I guess it is from the muscle loss in my leg, I feel like I forgot how to walk. Can anyone advise if this is normal.  I have read all these blogs of people walking very early and I feel it’s going to take some time before I want to put all my weight on it without the crutches.  My doctor said it will be a couple of weeks before I can drive however; Im supposed to wear the the boot at all times can anyone advise if they drove with the boot?  He said the physical therapist would advise when I had enough strength in the foot to drive. I will try to keep this post up to date on my progress.  I hope everyone is progressing well and good luck!


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  1. Hi Terphead,

    What you describe is normal. In general, you will need to teach your foot to walk again. In my case, when I was given the go ahead to place FWB - I had to use both my crutches (with boot) for a few days. I gradually went from 2 crutches to 1. After about a week I was walking without crutches (albeit with some pain/swelling). I found that elevation/icing helped with the pain/swelling. I also started physio at around 6 weeks post-op (i.e. the point at which I was able to place any weight on foot). Physio is great - you will notice huge improvements during the first 3/4 weeks of phsyio/hydrotherapy. With regards to driving - it depends on whether you ruptured right or left AT and whether you have an automatic or manual. In my case, I did my right AT and my physio seems to think that I will not be able to drive until I can do 5x one foot calf raise on bad leg (which I think is a bit conservative). As things stand, I feel that I am fairly comfortable with driving.

  2. I got my cast off after 32 days and was told I could drive, use my right hurt foot without the boot on the gas pedal, break with the left. After I arrive at my destination, put the boot on.

  3. I ruptured my left Achilles Tendon. Drving wasn’t a problem at all. Drove with cast, walking cast and boot. None Weight bearing cast for 4 weeks. Full weight bearing cast for 2 weeks. Walking boot fot 2 then back in two shoes. Today I’m 9 months and a week Post OP.

    Good luck

    San Diego

  4. im at my 3 week mark and wearing the boot my dr still has me on crutches and wont allow me to put any weight down yet. I have to keep elevated almost all the time or I swell and in a lot of pain and I hate painkillers.Is ths normal

  5. Hi Everone!
    Thanks for the replies. I went to my first physical therapy session on Thur. night and she said it would be a couple of weeks before I would have enough strength in the foot to press gas pedal. I’m trying to get off the crutches however it’s harder then I expected. I can put half my weight with no pain at all then I hit a point where I feel pain and I don’t want to push it.I can stand in one spot with equal weight on both feet and have no pain at all. Rudedog did you have this problem when you were starting to put weightn on the foot? Celeste the swelling your getting at 3 weeks is normal I think eveyone seems to have swelling for quite a while.Good luck to everyone in your recovery!


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