1ST Post OP Appt. Today

Well, I saw my surgeon for the first time today since the surgery, and everything went well.  The assistant removed the temporary cast and the stitches.  It felt good to be able to see the wound and get that cast off.  My doctor said if I kept it elevated and the swelling down, on the day of the surgery that he would decide today if I got a cast for 6 weeks or I could go back into the boot if it looked good. Well I spent the last 9 days elevating my foot all day and night trying to avoid the cast and it payed off.  Today he put me back in the boot and said to remove 1 wedge in 2 weeks and the 2nd wedge 2 weeks after that.  I have a follow-up in 5 weeks and he said we will start some weight bearing at that time.  I felt real good about the way the incision looked.  I have had little pain in the last few days and now out of the cast I don’t feel that blood rush to my foot when you put your foot down like I was feeling before.  I feel that the elevation and the fact that I had no swelling when the cast came off is the reason he let me go back into the boot.


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