Catching up to the present…[2 weeks post-op]

The Surgery:

The surgery went quite well. I was given the choice of a General or a spinal… They seemed to play up the risks with a general ["chance of paralysis, blindness"] - these were due to the fact that I’d have to be turned into a prone position to perform the procedure and if I wasn’t awake, I wouldn’t be able to keep my neck strong.  Prior to hearing the risks, I was tempted to go for a general, but I figured if an epidural is good enough for child birth, a spinal probably would suit me well enough.

The spinal was uncomfortable getting it put in… the anesthesiologist described it as “alot of pressure” which was pretty accurate.  The funny part was I couldn’t tell when the spinal took “effect” and since I wasn’t facing down I couldn’t tell when they started operating… I could have sworn my legs never went numb when they told me “We’re closing you up now and putting on the cast” and that was that.

I believe the operation took about 45 minutes to 1 hour, but they gave me a mild sedative as well so I lost track of time… I was in the recovery room for the next hour or so before I was ready to be discharged.

My first cast:

My first cast wasn’t a full rigid cast. The surgeon had explained that there would be significant swelling, so they would basically splint it with a semi-rigid cast that would accommodate the change in size, but also protect the tendon by keeping it in an equinus[? - toe-pointed] position.

In 2 weeks, I’d get it removed and be given an air cast.

Thank goodness for family:

I think I must have had the smoothest initial 10 days for recovering from the surgery.  The post-op pain was significantly more severe than the post-injury pain.  Fortunately for me, my sister’s family let me squat at their place… My mom mobilized herself as well and I pretty much got treated like royalty… Even my 5-year old nephew volunteered to sleep in the guest bed so that I could be closer to the bathroom…

So pretty much that meant I was lying either in bed or on a couch for 23.5 hours/day which must have helped with the swelling.  I went off of the prescribed Tylenol-3 after 36 hours… I had a pretty bad headache for the next 12 hours [my guess is withdrawal] but after a good night’s sleep I was feeling very good.

I booked my two-week followup and got my first cast taken off after 10 days.

The boot! [PWB?]

The nurse cut off my first cast and fitted me with an aircast [at first a medium, but then given a small because the medium looked "too big"] which even right now I’m kind of dubious if it’s the appropriate size.

The surgeon examined my healing and explained that I could walk with the boot if I wanted… I was a bit surprised especially given all that I’ve read on the various blogs here… He said that I would be fine walking as long as my foot was in the boot and it was properly adjusted.  Given my excitement, I obviously tried to take a step… OUCH… there was quite a bit of pain along the back of my leg as it was pretty much the first time any pressure had been put on it.  He then said: “Just because I say you are allowed to walk, doesn’t mean you can walk”… I understood and continued to use the crutches.

My next appointment was scheduled 3 weeks from that appointment, and that will be when I begin doing physio.  For now, he just wants me to work on moving my foot up and down in the air…

With my boot, I was given a bunch of felt inserts to elevate my leg in the boot… every 3 days I take one of these out… The nurse cut out 6 of them, and I’ve removed one thus far…

My breakthrough came thru about 4 days after having been put in the aircast… I was able to walk around without too much pain in the boot… But my leg does grow sore from not being elevated…

Other than just being able to walk, it gives me a sense of relief… While my family has been as compassionate and caring as anyone could possibly ask, I felt really bad for asking for the most menial of things [like getting a glass of water].  If it’s available, I say for the first while take it as a necessary evil because your leg will thank you for it… I’m just glad that hopefully, I won’t have to impose like that again for a while [knock on wood].

Now, I just need to find some pants that will fit overtop of this boot!


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  1. ganahlsearch on May 18th, 2009

    Recommendation - gradually start putting weight on yuor leg as you walk as you see fit. Dont over do it but start working it. You will be glad you did!! Good luck!

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