One month post surgery

So at today’s appointment, I was told to wait until I was six weeks out to start weight-bearing. Apparently the early wieght-bearing studies all depend on a boot that resticts flexion that my HMO cannot provide. The plan is to allow wieghbearing in the removable cast in two weeks and then remove the heel boost in two weeks and keep me in the boot for two more weeks after that. So six more weeks until I can drive. See next post for possible solution.

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  1. Newbie, you can post replies to your own blogs, if you like, so more info will appear on one page. (My blog goes to extremes in that direction. . .)

    I don’t understand the problem getting you into a boot. I’ve never seen (or heard of) an orthopedic ankle boot that DOESN’T restrict flexion! The cheaper ones restrict ALL flexion in ALL direction because they’re totally rigid, fixed. The fancier and more expensive (and better, IMO) ones can HINGE to various degrees, but they can all limit that hingeing, especially in the dangerous dorsiflex direction, and they can all be totally fixed, too.

    And you’re being immobilized too long for your ankle — not to mention the rest of you and your life!

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