Got a Removable Cast!

Well, I had my first post-surgical appointment yesterday, 17 days after the cutting.  I had been told by the surgeon  beforehand that I would be casted for another four weeks, at that was what the resident had planned to do yesterday.  However, I presented her with some of the studies I found on this site and convinced her not to do it.  I got a removable cast with a heel left instead.

She could not offer me a splint that restricts dorsiflexion, so I am still not allowed to bear weight, but at least I can take the thing off and extend ny toes a little bit to reduce the possibility of adhesions.

They way she put it, her education said this would be okay while her training said to go with a cast.  She remarked that since she’s a young doctor, she decided to go with her education.  She scheduled my next appointment for two weeks instead of the customary four, so perhaps I’ll be able to do a little wieghtbearing after that.

Thanks to those who responded to my earlier posts, particularly Norm.  I’d be wearing fiberglass now if it weren’t for you.

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  1. Very cool. You should go celebrate convincing your doctor to not do the usual stuff. Did you also give her a copy of the rehab protocol? If not, you should get a copy to her ASAP and be prepared to do a sales job at your next appointment. Just tell her you’ll be happy to be the guinea pig for her experiment. LOL

  2. Gosh, you’re welcome, and then some!!

    I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why it’s so hard to get medical practice to reflect these new studies. The age of the doctor occurred to me as a factor, but EDUCATION vs. TRAINING didn’t. I guess it’s because I’ve never been a doctor! So I guess they were taught a few things about ATRs in Med School, then they went out as interns and got their hands-on training from some (older) Attending Surgeon, who promoted them up the food chain if they kept their poor ATR patients NWB long enough!!

    I’ve been blaming the Med Schools for not being quick to adopt the new evidence-based medicine, and the surgeons for not reading the studies and updating their educations. But this training thing adds a dimension — and maybe adds even MORE momentum to this super-tanker many of us are trying to turn!

    Doug53 and the other doctors here, am I reconstructing this image in a reasonable way? (It’s about 30% “logic” and almost 70% Grey’s Anatomy, so I wouldn’t be shocked if I got it wrong!)

  3. The removable cast is a good thing. I was in a fiberglass cast for 5 weeks with no weight bearing for 7 weeks only to re-rupture at 10 wks post op due to poor scaring due to lack of movement during healing (so they say). The removable cast will allow some movement and may help the scarring process. After my second surgery I was in a walking boot 12 days post op, and the entire recovery has been great. The re-rupture was heart breaking - you don’t want to do that. I was out of the walking boot for 30 minutes when I heard the light pop and knew immediately that something was very wrong. So, be careful whatever you do. Good luck!

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