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There are 2 hospitals in our town.  I waited at the usually faster emergency for 3
hours until I finally had a doctor come in to talk to me, look at my leg, feel
my tendon, and pronounce it a complete rupture. He then sent me off to the
other (usually slower because of ambulances) hospital to be checked by an
orthopedic specialist and scheduled for surgery. They gave me a set of crutches
and sent me off with vague directions. Looking back, I’m glad there was no
mishap in transit (I had no cast or boot or anything on my ankle)!

My wonderful wife safely chauffeured me to the other
hospital where it took us almost a half-hour to figure out where we were
supposed to go and then waited another hour and a half for a doctor to show up.
Now, just in case I’m sounding a bit frustrated here, I certainly was at the
time. I probably shouldn’t complain. I’m sure there are longer wait stories out

Anyway, this very nice resident came in, heard my story,
looked at my leg, felt my right and left Achilles, and confirmed the full
rupture diagnosis. He then told me about the great surgeons who were currently
working and how they might even be able to get me into the operating room later
than night or the next day. He went out briefly to confer with somebody, then
he came in and said: “There’s something I forgot”. He then did the squeeze the
calf trick (which I now know as the Thompson test) and came to the conclusion
that there just might be a few fibres of my Achilles still attached. He left
again and again came back saying: “There’s just one other thing I’d like to try”.
He had me sit on the edge of the bed with my feet hanging down and asked me to
point my toes. Lo and behold I could (sort of), so he was now convinced it was
only a partial rupture and therefore surgery would not be considered. I had no
idea if he knew what he was talking about or not, but I have never had surgery
of any sort and would prefer not to, so I was content with that decision for
the moment.

He put a plaster cast on me (it was actually open at the
front and wrapped in a tensor bandage), told me the ankle would be immobilized
for 6-8 weeks, but that someone would contact me about a follow-up appointment in
about 2 weeks. Then he sent me home.

The next day I found

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