Fractured Fibula 1 year and 1 month post ATR

Hi All,
It has been a long while since I checked this website to be honest. I was getting to the stage post ATR where I was doing almost everything and no longer thinking about it. I was pushing myself in the gym, I could run and jump without thinking too much of the ATR. [...]

8.5 Months!

Hi All,
It’s been an awful long time since I last posted. Well I can say that my life is now pretty much back to normal. Small things that I wouldn’t have done like running for a bus or a train, I now don’t think twice about doing.
I have been on many late nights out [...]

14 Weeks!!

Well it’s been 14 weeks until I was surgically repaired. It’s a long period of time when I look back upon everything and the progress may be slow but is definitely there in leaps and bounds from the beginning.
Currently I am walking almost daily 1.25miles and every other day cycling for 15mins. I have [...]

12 Weeks - First day trip

Since my last update, I feel like things are improving again and I am almost back to the same level where I was a week ago before I had the setback which is good news!!
I managed to travel up to London on Sunday to watch to Iron Man 3 in the IMAX in Waterloo [...]

Midweek update - Bumpy Ride

Hey all, I have some questions that I would really appreciate some advice on.
So on Friday I was feeling great, was walking at a good pace with good improved GAIT. I saw my physio on that day where I did some balance exercises on a wobble board, tested the calf strength and looking at how [...]

11 weeks update

Its been a while since I posted so I thought I’d update you all on my progress.
The main parts are that my doctor wanted me in my cast for just under 8 weeks, so I didn’t get the opportunity to go into a boot which so many of you talk about on here. After [...]

Small Update - 5 weeks

It’s now just passed the 5 week mark. Since the last post I feel I have made a lot of progress. I am now able to walk comfortably with one crutch and can even walk very slowly with no crutches! I still don’t feel comfortable in doing this so I try to keep one crutch [...]

4 and a half weeks! Second post

It’s been 4 and half weeks (31 days) now since the operation. Since my last post I decided to take it a bit easy with the weight bearing to prevent damage, as I feel a slower healing process with no injuries will be significantly better than a rushed approach where I reinjure myself. However I [...]

First Post! 3 and a half weeks

Hello all!
I guess I should start out by telling you a little bit about my injury and myself. My name is Pratik Patel. I am 23 years old and managed to rupture my achilles playing football. Luckily for me I just graduated and have a job which is due to start in september so I [...]