14 Weeks!!

Well it’s been 14 weeks until I was surgically repaired. It’s a long period of time when I look back upon everything and the progress may be slow but is definitely there in leaps and bounds from the beginning.

Currently I am walking almost daily 1.25miles and every other day cycling for 15mins. I have been increasing this my one minute each time I cycle over the last week. Last week I took things a bit easy as I began to feel a lump appearing on my tendon. The area around the lump began to feel really tight and sometimes sore. I found with some gentle massaging and taking it easy it reduced significantly in size within a few days and the tightness went. I feel this is probably from overworking the area and trying to do too much every day. I was reminded by the physio that I can only heal and recover as quickly as my body will allow. I feel this is something great to remember for everyone as we are all keen to back to 100% health as soon as we can. I think this week I am going to increase the mileage in walking and hit 1.5 miles.
I was told by the phsyio to ensure I continue to massage the scar area as sometimes scar tissue can stick to the surrounding area and cause tightness.

With regards to my ankle mobility, stretches etc. My ankle mobility for the ATR foot matches my good foot. I have been working on my dorsiflexion and calf stretching. I have seen some people use a scale on here to determine their dorsiflexion progression. Currently I can have my foot about 4 finger widths away from the wall which is 6/7cms and still touch my knee to the wall. I feel like my dorsiflexion and general tightness of the foot isn’t improving drastically anymore. I guess I have reached the “plateau” people mention on here where progress seems slow. I guess I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and not loose motivation as my physio says I am progressing well.

I do have one question for the people on achilesblog! When can you expect to get the same dorsiflexion back in the injured leg as you have your good leg? Or something near to it. I guess the people further ahead of me in recovery will be the best people to answer this question.

I didn’t feel like my dorsiflexion was limiting me too much until today when my phsyio asked me to try some lunges. When I put the good leg forward and tried to do a slow lunge. The tightness in the ATR leg prevented me from doing it which is what sparked the question.

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  1. DF deficits post-op are often the result of a surgeon’s choice of how much — how short — to trim the torn ends of the AT. Mine (ATR #1, surgical one) said he “aimed short” to help avoid healing long. I’ve recently posted a blog page called something like “Maybe healing short is scary after all”, based on two recent trips to a Podiatrist.

    Or it mght be temporary. I can’t tell you exactly when you’ll get all you’re going to get. And there is at least one small joint in the foot that can dislocate or open to “fake” ankle DF, as uou can read on my blog.

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