12 Weeks - First day trip

Since my last update, I feel like things are improving again and I am almost back to the same level where I was a week ago before I had the setback which is good news!!

I managed to travel up to London on Sunday to watch to Iron Man 3 in the IMAX in Waterloo which was really enjoyable. Had a catch up with some friends that I had not seen in almost 4 months! However during my entire journey there and on the way back I was constantly worried about having another setback from over walking again, maybe even causing some serious permanent damage or god forbid a re-rupture. Even whilst sitting still watching the movie I was very aware of the foot and it didn’t feel comfortable as I couldn’t keep it raised. I kept on shuffling the foot to find a comfortable position but I was unable to do.

Luckily everything was fine the next day, however I had a lot of swelling when I got back that evening as I wasn’t able to rest my foot properly the entire time during my trip.

So my main question I have to all the people that are ahead of me is: When did you feel comfortable in going out again to see people on trains? Maybe even going to bars or crowded places?

I’m just looking for a guide as to when I can get my regular life social life back again.

Would you say it’s probably best to wait until that niggling voice in the back of your head goes away? Because I felt on the day when I caused myself to have a setback last week, I ignored that voice even though it was there.

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  1. Good Qs, teek! Alas, there’s no set formula for those milestones. I often got friends and vendors (like restaurateurs) to make accommodations for me — for example, I started eating out early in my rehab, but I got an extra chair at the table for my leg. Most people are very understanding, when you explain the situation. I did attend one long house party where I was just a bit too meek to ask one of the rowdy kids to vacate a spot on the sofa to me, so I stayed crutch-standing, and suffered for it afterwards. Dumb me.

    Actual uncomfortable swelling from staying vertical (standing or even sitting) sometimes goes away quickly and sometimes hangs around. Mine lasted long enough for me to post a blog page entitled something like “This swelling is getting OLD!” I forget how long I was post-non-op, but my blog probably remembers. YMMV.

  2. Norm is right, an I was just thinking about this today. So many aspect of this injury (and recovery) follows the same progression, but varies for each person. I felt comfortable in a crowded place once I was FWB around 8 weeks, which is very slow and conservative for most, but when I started 2-shoes at almost 12 weeks, I didn’t feel comfortable again for a few weeks, but ai tired so easily without the assistance of the boot.

    The thing is, that’s my story and it will be different than other’s going through ATR recovery. So again, great questions although the answer will vary. So you new to become very aware of what your body tells you (what you can and can’t do). I made this mistake 2-3 separate time over 6 months and suffered some small setbacks myself, doing too much too quick.

  3. Hi there,
    I just got sick of being immobile and decided I’d get a wheelchair if need be, just to get around as the crutches are very tiring after a while. I have a light boot on now and am PWB and 12 weeks post non op. I’ve managed to make it to my local pub on crutches a few times now (but didnt drink too much) my wife wasnt happy but she knew how much watching my football team and seeing my friends meant to me. I find if you shout loud enough crowds soon disappear when someone notices you’ve got crutches.
    Good luck with your recovery,

  4. Bb
    Surely Sunderland arnt worth the effort, watching corrie I understand but not the Sunderland :0)

  5. Ripaproar easy tiger your out numbered .Us mackems get every where ;-)

  6. Ha ha tricky dont i know it bloody nuisance the lot of you, only kidding hope you stay up with Wigan, better stop it now don’t want to start a footy blog :0)

  7. Hi everyone, I’m working on the strength whilst I’m on vacation and feel its coming along well, I’m 11weeks but struggling with stretch any tips my pt hasn’t really worked on the stretch just strength. Trin I think I remember you saying your d flex is coming along what have you been doing to improve this

  8. Hey RRR, yes my dorsiflexion has come along heaps since the weekend. I found that the stretches that the physio gave me were quite strong, and I was tensing up into them. So what I am doing is lighter/gentle stretches but for longer periods so that I relax into the stretch. I am making sure that there is no pain and that I am not overdoing it. Achilles feels SOOOO much better, and my walk is light years better. Even my “dreaded” exercise is no longer dreaded. Hope this helps..

  9. Hey Trin, I havn’t read your blog yet. But from the sound of it, it seems like you’ve found some great stretches. If you could describe them that be great!

    I feel like having new stretches might be very useful to me.

  10. Hi trin
    As always thanks, I’ve been really working on strength, I feel if I can get stretch I will master my walk, i think it’s been a combination of lack of muscle , brain playing games and a bit of pain after 5 mins due to not having enough stretch , I will give your protocol a try, I’ve been doing a lot of pool and gym over the last 3 days, go 9 more days on hols so going to do as much as. I can before I fly off to the Far East

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