Midweek update - Bumpy Ride

Hey all, I have some questions that I would really appreciate some advice on.
So on Friday I was feeling great, was walking at a good pace with good improved GAIT. I saw my physio on that day where I did some balance exercises on a wobble board, tested the calf strength and looking at how I am coming along. That all felt great and nothing beyond what I should be doing.

I then came home and went for my daily walk, this week I been doing 1 mile, so on Friday I thought I would slightly increase it and did 1.25 miles. Then I came back, did some seated calf raises, went for another walk to read my book in the park which was probably 0.5miles round trip. Then some more balancing.

Basically I did a lot more than I usually would. In the evening, after I ate my dinner around 8/9pm my foot felt really sore and my Achilles was tired. When I first went to step up and walk off the foot I had a very brief pain through the Achilles which went away. However this has all made me worried and concerned today and am taking it easy. The pain has gone now, however I’m just being cautious.

I feel like I already know why it happened to me, and is because I was being too keen and tried to do to many things in one day that I wasn’t used to.

I was just wondering if people have any pain around the 11 week mark in the Achilles? I haven’t felt anything like that in a few weeks :/
Also when I walk I can sometimes feel a slight tug in the Achilles itself due to tightness. Have other people experienced this?

After worrying that I thought I damaged the repair, it seems fine today and has not caused me any issues. However I have taken it slow today and am moving a lot slower deliberately. I guess the road to recovery can be a bumpy ride, up until this moment everything was always improving. It’s just frustrating when a bump occurs.
Just annoying because it’s a blow to my confidence, which I guess can be a good thing to keep me inline and not over do things.

As always, thanks for reading. There’s something about writing about your problems that makes them seem to be a lot more manageable. This site has truly kept me sane over the last few months!

3 Responses to “Midweek update - Bumpy Ride”

  1. Teek, I think I was even a bit later than you post-op (tho on a very slow rehab) when I overdid and suffered a painful MONTH-long setback! My pain was at the AT-to-heel attachment point (not where my ATR was), though it may have been “referred” from elsewhere. I preach INCREMENTALISM for the entire recovery, ’til you’re back at 100%. Keep adding time and distance and resistance or weight or whatever, but don’t jump ahead to anything that’s very different from what you survived before without suffering afterwards. It may cost you an extra week or two (or not), but it may save you more.
    Confidence is great fun while you’ve got it, but it often seems like false confidence when viewed in hindsight.

  2. As usual Norm is spot on. Increasing at small increments is the best practice. I had a couple of setbacks because I ignored this. The pain never occurred when I was doing the activities, and sometimes a day or so later. So I have found I need to stick to a 10% rule ( never increase by more than 10% from one week to the next) rather than how I feel.

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