11 weeks update

Its been a while since I posted so I thought I’d update you all on my progress.

The main parts are that my doctor wanted me in my cast for just under 8 weeks, so I didn’t get the opportunity to go into a boot which so many of you talk about on here. After the cast was taken off, I was straight into walking around bare foot and the physio began. I was quite apprehensive about being bare foot and being able to put shoes on so I took things slowly.

When the cast came off, my foot seemed very weak, it seemed to look really skinny and fragile. The physio had me doing ROM exercises initially, and gave me a blue resistance band to use to exercise my quads and hamstrings. I was also doing some bridges with my feet on the floor to strengthen the gluteus maximum, and had me doing some side lifts to strengthen the hip.

Around the 9 and a half week time I was told to start adding in some stationary cycling. That felt really good as it helped loosen up my ankle after a while on it and helped me with my walking.

In my last few physio appointments she has had me focusing on my balance as she feels my weakness is my balance. She feels my ROM is as good as my uninjured foot.

My aims for this week were to improve balance and try to walk without a limp. I feel my walking as improved greatly this week, I managed to walk a mile on 2 occasions this week in 25 minutes. Additionally my balance has also improved. I am looking forward to the next appointment tomorrow to see what else I can add in.

However I have felt sometimes during this week that the area behind my knee can become VERY sore. I have noticed some soreness around my ankle too that occurs, but I feel this occurs on days when I have been walking around the house more. Apart from these things I feel that I am progressing well and have seen leaps of improvement within the last 2/3 weeks.
I think that is everything.

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  1. Teek, pain behind the knee is often a sign of hyperextension. If you are not rolling onto your toes enough, and pushing off your heel (driving your knee back, rather than forward), then this can be the result.

    I caught myself doing exactly this when hiking a few times; I was especially susceptible to it when going uphill. In fact, it started out as knee pain. Paying very careful attention to my stride, I realized what I was doing. Correcting it solved the knee problem almost immediately. As I tired, and the calf fatigued, I had to really concentrate to keep from reverting back.

    The boot walking video I posted shows the same bad stride. Not trusting/using a boot properly can lead to the same distortion to your stride, hyperextension and resulting pain behind the knee. Just make sure your knee is going forward, not backward, with every push off.

  2. Thanks for your comment Ryan, I find though that my calf is very weak at the moment as I have only been working it the last few days. So I struggle to push off. I’m gonna go for a walk in a bit so I will focus on that in the walk.

  3. +1 to Ryan’s. it’s normal to lack a good push-off at the end of your stride, and there are many “work-arounds”, almost all of them BAD! The only good one is to shorten your stride, esp. “that” stride. If one stride is long and the other short — and the rest of your gait is normal — then sure you’re limping, but you’re doing fine, building strength, and you’re not hurting yourself.

  4. Thank’s for that norm, I think I will make a conscious effort now to shorten my stride as this will help me improve my gait. I am finding that I am too keen sometimes I want to be able to walk quickly normally and as a result do it with bad gait.

    I guess I just have to acknowledge that going slower, but with proper form is the best way to go about it. The rest will come in time.

  5. Hi, I am 11 weeks post ATR and went the non op route. I was in a cast for two weeks, Vaco Boot for the rest of the time. I started in two shoes three days ago. I have had 5 lots of physio and am pleased with my progress. Though I do walk with a limp, balance is bad I am getting better. Went on a stationery bike twice with the physio this week which felt good. I am petrified about re rupturing so being so careful.
    Tis is a great site, hope everyone is healing well. A positive attitude and good friends are the things really helping me!

  6. Hi moon
    We all fear the re rupture especially us non op, keep plugging away follow Uwo protocol

  7. Hi Riproar what is Uwo protocol?

    I had a big physio session yesterday, then did a little walk in two shoes. Very sore today and also swollen. Should I still be doing my exercises or is it good t have a day of rest when this sore?

  8. UWO is University of Western Ontario. There is a link to the study on the left bar under “ATR Rehab Protocols, Studies, Publications.”

    Re: the soreness. If you are early on and quite sore, I would rest, ice and do light ROM exercises. I wouldn’t push through any kind of severe pain or do too much walking. I learned that the hard way.

  9. Thanks Kellygirl x

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