Small Update - 5 weeks

It’s now just passed the 5 week mark. Since the last post I feel I have made a lot of progress. I am now able to walk comfortably with one crutch and can even walk very slowly with no crutches! I still don’t feel comfortable in doing this so I try to keep one crutch with me at all times.
When I started to put a lot of weight on the foot, due to position of foot in the cast it was causing my knee to be hyper extended which made it very uncomfortable. So I rang the fracture clinic and they said pop down to the plaster room. They removed the old cast and have actually put my foot in the 90 degree position. This has helped greatly to alleviate the pain from my knee and has helped me walk with more confidence using one crutch and sometimes none! When they pushed the foot to 90 degree there was no pain at all and I felt no tightness. So I hope this is a good thing.
This was done without seeing my doctor, hopefully he is ok with this. However in the last appointment with him they tried get my foot to 90 degrees but couldn’t due to the lack of flexibility. So I assume he will be fine with this.

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  1. I’ve just been over the previous posts - you must be so disappointed not to be in a boot yet although the ‘neutral’ position of your foot is quite ambitious at 5 weeks.

    Having said that, I found that the physio’s at my clinic were great and I certainly trusted their ability to do the right thing even if that meant pushing the boundaries of an already quite fast protocol.

    Are they going to continue with re-casting until 2 shoes (about week 9 if you’re ready)? Really, you need that boot now… It’s removable for bed and for washing, it should have a range of movement (reduces muscle atrophy), it is easier to walk in (with no crutches usually), and it should be lighter (depends on model). And you can do more exercises (limited though they will be at this stage, although I did ride my static bike).

  2. I feel like I pushed the nurses to put my foot into the neutral position when I went. So hopefully I havn’t pushed them too far. Everything feels fine so it should be ok I imagine. I didn’t feel any tightness at all.

    I guess I should clarify a little bit. I have only seen the doctor once since my operation which was 2 and a half weeks after my operation. My second appointment with the doctor will be coming on monday. When I went in to be re casted yesterday, I arranged that myself due to the major discomfort I had in my knee when I was almost FWB. I basically phoned them and said something had to be done as I was getting frustrated.

    Well I have only seen my doctor once. I didn’t do a lot of research for the last appointment and just kind of went along with whatever he said. During my next appointment on monday I will know what the future plan. I don’t really know what they have planned for me, however I have a page worth of questions written down that I intend to ask. I’m just waiting patiently until Monday now.

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