4 weeks post-op, still NWB, bit of ache in calf

Hi all, this is my first post at this site, from which I have already learned a lot, so thank you all for sharing your advice and experiences.

I tore my right AT playing racquetball early in the morning on December 2 in Portland, ME.  We were just “passing through”, visiting relatives in Portland on our way to Florida.  After an emergency room visit which confirmed the ATR I was referred to a local orthopedic surgeon.  In a great stroke of luck, an appointment with that surgeon was available at 9:15 am the same day.  In another bit of luck, his colleague had the operating room all day that day, and a quick cell phone call confirmed he would have time to repair my injury that afternoon.  So I went from injury to repair to recovery to home in under 12 hours.  I’m one lucky guy.

After 2 weeks I returned to Portland to get my cast replaced by an air boot, two heel lifts, etc.  So far things seem to be going well.  No swelling, no infection.  I’m doing ROM exercises daily.  My only complaint is continuing soreness in the calf on the injured leg.  I’m not using the leg (still NWB for another week) so I only feel the ache when I press on the calf muscle with my hand, or when the top of the boot presses on it.  Any recommendations for easing the ache?  Heat, cold, massage, etc?


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  1. This ache is normal in the first couple of weeks but should be gone by now. If you are concerned you should see you doc. Some people can be affected by clots which could be serious and they give a similar symptom. Weight bearing in the boot is fine (in fact is recommended) at your stage, beginning with partial and working through to full over a week. This will also help avoid clots.

  2. I’m 4 weeks in as well after surgery. Had the aches first couple of weeks as well but just massaged them out myself and in PT. Getting ready for the real work in 2 weeks when I start PWB. My surgery was Dec. 1st! We can do it!

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