Two shoes!!!! Anyone need some boots?

I’m wearing two shoes!  Now that I am, I’d like to donate my boots.  I have the half calf one (XS) that was never worn, and the up to the knee one(Sm).  I did wear a long sock the entire time and it’s in really good condition (Looks just about new).  I also have the crutches and a walking shoe that goes over the cast.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!  

I’m in a boot world!

EEEEEHHHHAAA!  I’m 10% PWB which is better than nothing at this point!  I do try to put a little bit of weight on each day to see how much I can tolerate.  I notice the pain is on the bottom of my heel more than anywhere else.  The rest just feels tight.  My doctor (I really do love that guy) asked me if my boot felt like I was wearing a high heeled shoe.  I told him only if it was strapped to two cinder blocks.  I also asked when my cankle will go away…he didn’t know what a cankle was!  I thought everyone knew…not quite a calf, but not really an ankle.  He looked at me kinda funny then.  I think he still thinks I on the pain pills….NOT!  Just really hyper to be off the couch!  I see that end of the tunnel!  I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way…cankle and all! 

pic after 6 weeks in a cast

I thought for sure I could talk my way out of having another cast on, but I guess I’m not a very smooth talker.  This is the third one!  At least it’s only two more weeks until the boot.  I have fantasies of how I’m going to destroy my crutches once this is over.  

I noticed that I still have a lot of bruising & swelling.  My heel is huge!  How long before all that goes away?        

Not feeling blessed this morning…

The mighty rat hunter asleepThe first four weeks my family was amazing.  They kept the house clean, the kids didn’t argue, & there was just a sense of harmony throughout the home.  Not no more!  There are 4 kids, 3 dogs, 3 cats, a rat, & my sister living under one roof…and the hubby too.  This morning was horrible.  They fought who was going to take out the trash, who was going to feed the dogs, and the two younger ones fought since the time they got up.  I WANT TO TAKE OUT MY OWN DAMN TRASH!  I WANT TO HANDLE ALL OF MY OWN DAMN BUISNESS!  I’m not happy.  This is the first time I’ve not been in charge of my own home & have had to depend on others.  To make matters worse my 12 year old dropped her history book on my big toe!  I had a melt down.  I took them all to school and when I came home I found my little Jack Russell Terrier had brought in a dead rat (not the pet one) and left it on the kitchen floor.  If I didn’t have to pick the kids up later today I would pop a Vicodin and crawl back under the covers!  Sorry…just needed to vent!     

Don’t push the car with your husband in it!!!!

Ruptured 9/25/2008.  I had my surgery on 9/28.  The surgeon told me that he did an incision that started below the inside bone of the ankle around to where the Achilles is(about 4 to 5 inches).  He said it would almost look like an “S” shape.  Am I the only one out there in a full leg cast????  I go back in one week (total of 3 weeks in full leg cast) and will hopefully get a half cast.  I’m hurting all over with this monster on.   I’m active…not an overly active person.  I’m 40 with 4 kids…did he do the full leg cast to let me be QUEEN?  If so, I’m feeling more like a prisioner of the couch!  

Stitches out!!!!

Oct 13th was my big day.  I got my full leg cast off and the stitches out!  It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I was more in pain from little cast splinters all over my body than the rest of the office visit.  I guess my biggest distraction was another woman screaming in the other room while she was having a bone put back in place in her leg.  I’m in a half cast now & my foot is pointed outwards.  There’s a lot of pain in my hip now…it’s popping.  I feel old!