Healed Long - Month 10 Update

Figured I would come back here to provide an update to my journey on the recovery from my left Achilles rupture.
For those who need a refresher, I completely ruptured my left Achilles playing basketball in late February of 2018, with surgery March 7 2018. My surgeon did things the old fashioned way - with an [...]

Healing long?! Can anyone help?

Hey team! I am 7 months post - op and making progress with my PT, but VERY slowly. My calf is still small, and I feel as if my strength is slowly coming back. About two months ago, my left (bad side) calf was 13.5 inches and is not 14 inches. My good side is [...]

Healing long??

Hey team - a few quick questions. I’m 5.5 months in, and was in a boot for a long time (almost 12 weeks, 10 weeks non weight bearing). I’ve read the other blogs from TomTom and others around healing long. I’m in a tough spot right now, as I recently found out that my PT [...]

20 Week Update - and question

Hello ATR family!
We are 20 weeks into the recovery, and things seem to (SLOWLY) be progressing. My walking and gait is getting better, and the limp has definitely reduced much more occasional. Not gone completely, but getting there.
I walk 20 mins on the treadmill every few days. I probably walk 1-2 miles a day.
Strength and [...]

Week 17! Questions galore, can anyone help?

Hey team! The MRI came back from the 10 week mark (more or less) without anything majorly concerning. There was a small amount of fluid, and the Radiologist assumes this is from “Post-surgical” change. I have been working through PT for the past 5 weeks, which has been good. We’re getting some strength back, but [...]

Week 11… and an MRI this week… Quick question for the group!

Hey team! I’m now down to one crutch most of the time, and working towards my first unassisted steps.
Last week I went into see my surgeon, and he is a bit concerned about the small gap in the back of my tendon. The gap really only is apparent when my foot is plantar-flexed (toes [...]

Week 9 - Still Partial Weight Bearing

I am happy to report that we are now about 1.5 weeks into partial weight bearing. My surgeon has been very cautious and conservative, despite the fact that we did surgery and he even augmented the repair with a xenograft (Stryker).
I am walking around with crutches, and have been slowly increasing the amount of [...]

We are walking!! (with crutches)

Hey team! Good news today… got the go ahead to start walking with crutches. Up until this point, I have been on the knee scooter and basically NWB for 8 weeks. Needless to say, I was excited!
I am taking it slow the first week and do not plan on trying Full Weight until week [...]

Quick question - help calm the nerves here!!

Hey ATR team…
I am almost 7 weeks post op, nonweight bearing still. I have had what feels like a small gap in my repair for as long as I can remember. By gap, I mean when I run my finger along the repair from top-to-bottom, I can feel an indent. I believe this is where [...]

Week 6 Update - still non-Weight Bearing and losing (a bit) of faith

Hello everyone!
Went in and saw my PDM yesterday. It’s been 6 weeks and 2 days since surgery. I was able to push off of his hands and point my toes with more strength than ever before, which is great!! However, I am still non-weight bearing, and the doctor seems to be using 8 weeks as [...]