Healing long??

Hey team - a few quick questions. I’m 5.5 months in, and was in a boot for a long time (almost 12 weeks, 10 weeks non weight bearing). I’ve read the other blogs from TomTom and others around healing long. I’m in a tough spot right now, as I recently found out that my PT was really god-awful. We had made little progress in the 2 1/2 months that I had been seeing them, and a large part of that was because my form for calf-raises was putting very little weight on the impacted leg.

I’m now seeing a new PT, who is fantastic. We’ve done 2 sessions so far, and I’m noticing that for the first time the calf in my injured leg is sore. I’m hoping this will help build the muscle/strength back. We’re also working on walking as I am still limping a bit or more accurately I have a bit of a pop in my hip as I favor the healthy leg. That is gettting a bit better.

My fear is that I may have healed long, as the calf is taking FOREVER to get back and I feel like after almost 3 months of walking on it I should have more strength/mass. Putting more and more weight on my bad side when I do calf raises and struggling a bit but seems to be getting better.

What are the ways you know you healed long? My degree of dorsiflexion is actually less on my bad side vs the healthy side, while my plantar flexion is just as good on the bad side vs the healthy side. I understand that the degree of dorsiflexion is a kind of de-facto test of healing long? Any help?

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