20 Week Update - and question

Hello ATR family!

We are 20 weeks into the recovery, and things seem to (SLOWLY) be progressing. My walking and gait is getting better, and the limp has definitely reduced much more occasional. Not gone completely, but getting there.

I walk 20 mins on the treadmill every few days. I probably walk 1-2 miles a day.

Strength and muscle mass is taking FOREVER to come back. My calf is still very small compared to my other leg. I also have a strange lump above the scar, right around where the Stryker graft was sewn into the tendon at the very top of the repair. It’s not related to the tear at all, and the Doc said it could be scar tissue or it could be “recessed tendon” which I have no idea what that would mean. When I massage it, it goes down but comes back a day later. The lump is hard, but softens up and goes down quite a bit as I massage it. Anyone ever run into this? Pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/pikSyff.

Also, when were you able to do one legged calf raises? I still can not do one.


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  1. Hi Tdance, I’m 8 weeks out but I feel like I have something similar to your lump. It’s very thick for me at the top of the scar, which is where I assume the rupture actually occurred. I’ve been massaging it and doing scar mobilizations but it seems to be pretty immovable. Hopefully it goes away with more massaging and stretching. I just started doing double leg calf raises and I have discomfort/stiffness at the surgical site. Seems to be improving slightly but it’s still pretty painful. Do you remember how it felt when you first started doing heel raises?

    Thank you!


  2. Yes yankeefan, like you I am at 8 weeks post surgery this coming Thurs. FWB in 2 shoes now with heel lifts. Doing the customary exercises, just started 2 foot heel lifts, and like you - feels OK but fatigues quickly and I too have the knot at the surgery site which feels sticky like there is an adhesion. Also still lots of swelling. Overall feel pretty good to be walking (if you call it that, lol). One thing that is really working for me is the stationary bike, low resistance, just spinning for 20 mins each day. My PT also has the anti gravity treadmill which helps in restoring a natural gate (over the toe). All in all pretty happy with where I am at, realizing that I still have miles (literally) to go…

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