Week 17! Questions galore, can anyone help?

Hey team! The MRI came back from the 10 week mark (more or less) without anything majorly concerning. There was a small amount of fluid, and the Radiologist assumes this is from “Post-surgical” change. I have been working through PT for the past 5 weeks, which has been good. We’re getting some strength back, but MAN is it slow. I am still walking with a bit of a limp, and I’m trying to lose that.
1) When did you lose your limp? How?!
2) There is a bit of occasional “tingling” or uncomfortable feeling at the surgical site. I wouldn’t call it pain so much, and it only lasts about 1-2 seconds before it goes away. I’d say it happens once every few hours. It’s been happening for a week or so. The tendon itself feels strong when I push against the ground (seated calf raise)… anyone ever experienced this??

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  1. The easiest way to lose the limp is to not limp in the first place. Take steps that are small enough so you don’t limp. That’s what I did so I never limped - but man were my steps tiny in the beginning - LOL! The limp is because the tendon flexibility isn’t back to normal. As it gets stronger and more flexible your step will get longer. Read agnesatr blog as she talks about it and show videos.

    I had pain and tingling under my ankle on the outside. When I asked my doc he said it was a nerve that gets moved a bit during surgery and it takes a while for it to calm back down. Your tingling may be another nerve. Check with your doc and s/he should be able to tell you what might be causing the tingling.

    And it does take a LONG time to get the strength back.

  2. I had a limp for over 4 months. Then it slowly disappeared. The thing is I did not really notice the limp, unless seeing it shop window =)
    What helped me is walking on a treadmill, where you do same length strides at a steady interval. Perhaps you could give it a try. Walking more slowly in another alternative. Good luck!

  3. Hi,

    All these years later, I still drop by this site now and then, and found your question about how long it takes for the limp to go away. If you don’t mind reading a long post, check my post of 4/29/09 for a discussion, toward the end, of that issue. Others have pointed out to me that when, in that post, I talk about walking fast, I’m really talking about taking longer steps.

    Best wishes,


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