Week 11… and an MRI this week… Quick question for the group!

Hey team! I’m now down to one crutch most of the time, and working towards my first unassisted steps.

Last week I went into see my surgeon, and he is a bit concerned about the small gap in the back of my tendon. The gap really only is apparent when my foot is plantar-flexed (toes pointing downwards) With pressure against my toes, that gap is less detectable. When my foot is neutral (again with pressure against my toes) the tendon feels strong and the gap is almost un-detectable.

When I lay down or sit with the back of my leg up (if that makes sense) the tendon feels strong and the gap (again) is barely detectable. It’s really only when I flex my toes down.

If you can recall, about 1 1/2 weeks post-operation I lost my balance getting up from my chair, and I placed my then casted foot on the ground (weight through my heel for a second before I braced myself). I didn’t fall, but I did put weight on that foot. The doctor is concerned that I may have done some damage to the repair as the result.

I’m going in for my first Physical Therapy appointment tomorrow. My leg is very atrophied and small. I’m thinking part of this has to do with the fact that I’ve only been weight bearing for two and 1/2 weeks and haven’t done one PT session.

I’m also going in for an MRI tomorrow to determine what’s going on with the gap we’re feeling… I’m incredibly nervous that this means I’ll need another operation. But I’m also feeling as if there’s no rupture or tear, and what we’re dealing with is the result of other factors.

Has anyone else ever dealt with this?

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  1. i don’t have any words of wisdom but i hope for the best for you.

  2. It takes a LONG time to get back the strength and size in your surgery leg. Atrophy happens very quickly and takes so long to get back what you lose. It will take months to get most of the size back. My surgery calf still isn’t as big as my non-surgery leg but they are close and I don’t feel any differences in strength. Good luck with the MRI - hopefully it won’t show anything serious.

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