Quick question - help calm the nerves here!!

Hey ATR team…

I am almost 7 weeks post op, nonweight bearing still. I have had what feels like a small gap in my repair for as long as I can remember. By gap, I mean when I run my finger along the repair from top-to-bottom, I can feel an indent. I believe this is where the rupture¬†occurred, based on the pictures I’ve seen (!) of the surgery.

Is this normal? I’ve seen my doc probably 8 times since we first went into the boot and I felt this. Each time, he’s inspected my tendon and said all was good. When out of the boot, I can still point my toes downwards (getting stronger!) and it feels like there’s still a small dent there when I’m pointing toes down.

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  1. I’m at 6 weeks and my achilles also has a slight indent where the rupture occurred. I was wondering the same thing. When I flex/move my foot up and down though it feels firm and straight. I am going to get an MRI (I haven’t had one at all yet) at the end of this week.

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