Week 6 Update - still non-Weight Bearing and losing (a bit) of faith

Hello everyone!

Went in and saw my PDM yesterday. It’s been 6 weeks and 2 days since surgery. I was able to push off of his hands and point my toes with more strength than ever before, which is great!! However, I am still non-weight bearing, and the doctor seems to be using 8 weeks as a marker for beginning weight bearing. I have read so much material about even CONSERVATIVE approaches starting weight bearing around 4-6 weeks, and I am starting to lose faith.

If you recall, I planted my foot when I lost my balance about a week and a half after surgery. The doctor checked it out after the misstep, and said it looked fine. I think the doctor is still tied up in the risk of me falling/re-rupturing.

Every hour/day/week that I sit around is getting more and more frustrating… I was ok with waiting to week 5 to be safe… but still being at week 6 and looking at week 7 or 8 before starting weight bearing seems outrageous.

Is this a stage where I should seek a second opinion?!

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  1. Hang in there. Its tough. I was Total NWB for 8 weeks. It sucks but now I am 6 months post Op and looking back it was worth it. Every Doctor is different. Dont try and push back to fast! Just take it a week at a time. Mini milestones.

  2. hang in there, the next goal post is in site.

  3. Feeling for you tdance - as 6 is an eternity, and now another 2…
    As they say - every doctor is different and there does not seem to be a right or wrong answer here.
    Going against your doctor is not recommended but i wonder if you have started physio?
    Maybe that is a way to at least start the process of rebuilding some of the strength?

  4. Thanks everyone! I’m trying to stay positive.

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