Frustrating delay to PWB

My doctor (board-certified guy, smart dude) has been in Podiatric surgery for 15+ years and done a lot of these surgeries. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, he augmented my surgery (complete rupture) with a Stryker TissueMend graft. The research I’ve read from various studies shows that augmented repairs (those reinforced with grafts such as the one I have) help to promote an earlier return to movement and weight bearing, and create a more sturdy repair. Check this out: and My doctor also mentioned that he was quite surprised by the fact that he was able to also repair the sheath around my AT, which he said is quite rare to be intact enough to repair. That should help with the guidance of the repairing tendon tissue.

Again, I am on the younger side of this repair (29 y/o male, healthy and active)

So, imagine my frustration this week (week 5) when I was told my doc wants to wait another two weeks (!) to start PARTIAL weight bearing. Right now, I’ve gone 5.5 weeks without any weight on that foot. I did have one scare early on (1.5 weeks in) where I accidentally planted the bad foot briefly when I lost my balance on the scooter.

My doc says he is anxious that I will fall, wants to wait until week 7 to start PWB. He said that if I feel comfortable, I can try setting the foot down (with crutches of course) and putting some weight through it when standing in line or at the cashier, etc.

Man, I am ready to get moving and back to walking!! As you guys know, a two week wait feels like a LONG time.

Has anyone else ever dealt with THIS long of a wait for PWB?

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  1. Don’t get frustrated. Patience is key. Listen to the doctor. They have the experience and you don’t. Celebrate the mini milestones like NWB to Partial. A step backwards might mean 2 steps forward.

    I am 6 months post op and have not gotten to run at ALL. I hope to get clearance tomorrow to start jogging.

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