Pain and uncomfortable!!

Hello ATR recoverees!

We’re almost 3.5 weeks post-op. Things have been cruising along fairly well - very little pain over the last couple of weeks. Doctor has suggested I start wearing a compression sock vs wrapping my bad ankle with an Ace bandage. Seems like it’s going to be tough to get this compression sock on my weak ankle/foot!! During this visit I also got to see the pictures from surgery, which was fascinating. I had a total clean tear… two separated pieces of tendon.

Also, on Friday I was removing my jeans (which always requires me to take the big boot off). As I was putting my boot back on, the bottom of the boot kind of “tapped” or bumped the bottom of my foot. Not hard, but enough to make it tingly.

Since then, I’ve had bouts of uncomfortable feelings/swelling/occasional pain. Loosening up the Ace bandage seemed to help. I also noticed there were small amounts of blood from my incision (stitches came out 1.5 weeks ago).

Texted the Doc (my surgeon) and he said the blood was normal, it could ooze for a bit after stitches came out. He also said that he thinks I’m ok, since I have a lot of sutures in there to hold things together. Remember, I also had an augmented repair (with a Stryker TissueMend graft)

I am the type of person who panics easily, and I deal with a lot of anxiety. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this at week 4 (I would’ve thought these pains/swelling/uncomfortable feelings would be gone). I’m just hoping the repair is ok and  I didn’t do any damage!!!

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