Quick question - help calm the nerves here!!

Hey ATR team…
I am almost 7 weeks post op, nonweight bearing still. I have had what feels like a small gap in my repair for as long as I can remember. By gap, I mean when I run my finger along the repair from top-to-bottom, I can feel an indent. I believe this is where [...]

Week 6 Update - still non-Weight Bearing and losing (a bit) of faith

Hello everyone!
Went in and saw my PDM yesterday. It’s been 6 weeks and 2 days since surgery. I was able to push off of his hands and point my toes with more strength than ever before, which is great!! However, I am still non-weight bearing, and the doctor seems to be using 8 weeks as [...]

Frustrating delay to PWB

My doctor (board-certified guy, smart dude) has been in Podiatric surgery for 15+ years and done a lot of these surgeries. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, he augmented my surgery (complete rupture) with a Stryker TissueMend graft. The research I’ve read from various studies shows that augmented repairs (those reinforced with grafts such [...]

4 Weeks post-op… and definitely counting. PWB this coming week??

It’s been a tough week here. Lots of frustration! I’ve been told that my doctor (who is more on the conservative side) would like to wait until Week 5 to start PWB. I was ready to go Week 4… oh well. Honestly, I’d rather be safe than sorry with this thing.
Also, I always seem [...]

Pain and uncomfortable!!

Hello ATR recoverees!
We’re almost 3.5 weeks post-op. Things have been cruising along fairly well - very little pain over the last couple of weeks. Doctor has suggested I start wearing a compression sock vs wrapping my bad ankle with an Ace bandage. Seems like it’s going to be tough to get this compression sock on [...]