6 Week Post-Op Visit :)

Had my 2nd post op visit today exactly six weeks from the date of my surgery.  I was pretty certain that all was going well, but wanted my Doc’s consent before I really took a chance I might have regretted.  He came in,  told me the incision looked great and that he was surprised at how little scar tissue I had developed, which is a good thing.  He had me point my big toe back toward me and point my foot forward, both of which I did witout a problem.  I have been trying to improve my ROM on a daily basis and apparently he saw the progress.

Next, I got some great news: he wants me to start FWB with the boot and no crutches and to gradually wean myself out of the boot and into two shoes over the next two weeks.  This is better than I expected.  He also gave the go ahead to begin physical therapy ASAP.  Finally, when I come in to see him in a month, he expects me to be walking without a problem in two shoes and we can start talking about a possible return to work either ahead of or as scheduled.

I now have the confidence to walk around the house without my crutches with my boot on now that I got the go ahead.  I made a physical therapy appointment for tomorrow and can’t wait to take the next step in the road to my recovery.  I would’ve never imagined just four weeks ago when my cast was removed and I could barely wiggle my toes that I would be this far along already.  Great day for me!!!

4 Weeks Post Surgery

4 weeks post surgery today. Am getting comfortable in boot, but not sure if I should be able to do more? Today I put my sock on like a normal person for the first time which sounds dumb but it showed me I’ve gotten some flexibility back. Reading on here about some people attempting to walk without boot or crutches at 4 weeks??? Wow…if that’s true I feel like I’m maybe taking it a bit too slowly, but don’t want to take any chances.

So what can I try other than light flexing with my boot off? So far that’s all I’m comfortable doing. Thanks for any input.

Goodbye Cast…Hello Boot!!!

Had my 1st Post-Op appointment today and I got the news I was hoping to hear! The nurse cut off my cast and removed my soutures, which was definitely a good thing. Not painful at all for those who might be worried. Soon after my Orthopedic Surgeon came in, and told me everything looks great! Swelling was very minimal, even went as far to say better than most patients. The tendon is healing well, and the surgery was a success. He spent a good 20 minutes or more with me answering every question I had written down, and gave me a lot of positive reinforcement. I spent the last two weeks doing everything he told me to do, (which was basically as little as possible)lots of rest and lots of elevation of my leg. I also have been taking Isotnix OPC-3 and Isotonix Prime Joint Formula every AM since two days after my surgery. There are several benefits to taking both, but for my case the biggest benefit has been from the anti-inflammatory aspect of the product. If anybody is interested in either, or both, there are many links online about them. Sorry, not trying to sell anything, but I really think it is helping me out. Either way, my Doc told me “whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it.”

I was fitted for a boot and now have my foot in a neutral position, which I was told is also a step in the right direction. Knowing that I can loosen or remove the boot a few times a day to try some minor stretching is much better than being stuck in the cast. The guy who fit my boot, (not sure of his title), worked on me for about 20 mins. so that my foot would sit in the boot in a neutral position. It wasn’t perfect when I left, but it’s getting there. He told me to take a towel and put it under my foot a few times a day and do long and slow stretches to regain some mobility to help get my foot to the neutral position. 

So I guess I can say that the visit was a good one. I lost the cast, got the boot, and have a little more freedom now. My Doc wants me in the boot for 4 weeks, and if all goes well, I’ll be weight bearing and starting PT by the New Year. It sucks that I can’t play ice hockey or even ice fish this winter, but by staying positive and focusing on my  recovery, the Doc said there is no reason I can’t be fishing and golfing by April, so that is a goal of mine that I know I can realistically achieve.

Not sure if this will work, but here is a pic my wife took after the cast and stitches were removed…not anywhere nearly as bad as I thought:


My Story

Hello all, found this site a few days ago and have really found it interesting.  I suffered my ATR on 11/10/11 while working out on the treadmill. Came out of nowhere, just like everyone says. It felt like somebody hit me with a baseball bat as hard as they could in the back of the leg, I heard a snap, turned around to see what/who just did this to me, but of course, no one was there. Within 30 minutes I was at the ER and the Dr. immediately diagnosed the ATR (as I suspected) to my dismay. They put me in a cast and sceduled surgery for the following week. Needless to say I was miserable.

I am 37 years old and woud consider myself in pretty good shape. I work as a full time firefighter, and love my job, so being off from work really sucks. I also play ice hockey, fish, hunt, golf, etc. all of which are now on hold untill I can heal. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much at night the first few days, and unfortunately, neither did my wife. It felt so uncomfortable trying to elevate my leg and sleep with the cast on, but I did manage a bit of sleep.

November 16, finally came, my surgery day. I knew it was going to be rough, but also was a step in the right direction. I had a complete tear, so surgery was suggested by my Ortho and I agreed. With my active career and lifestyle, I wanted to make sure I would have the best chance to a full recovery. So I went under and the next thing I knew I was eating ice chips and I had a sore throat. I was told the surgery went well and to get plenty of rest and do as little as possible for the next couple of weeks. I was prescribed Lortab and took one when I got home. Later that night I hobbled to bed and slept like a baby, until about 4AM when the Lortab had stopped working!!! All I can say is that I was in the worst pain of my life, I took 2 more pills and prayed they would start working soon. For the next 45 mins. or so I felt like someone had a pipe wrench on my achilles and kept tightening it more and more. Finally the pain went away, or at least enough for me to fall back asleep.

The next 2-3 days were still very uncomfortable, but I knew now that every 4 hours I had to take a Lortab or else the pain would get unbearable again. So I set my phone alarm in the middle of the night to stay ahead of the pain. By day 4 post surgery, the pain was definitely getting better. I was sleeping in to make my days shorter. My son is in school and wife at work, so the less time I had to spend alone the better. All I can say is thank God for my laptop, I’ve probably spent 12-14 hours a day on it researching this injury, and everything I could do to help the healing process speed up.

Thanksgiving has now come and gone and I am very anxious for my first checkup this Wednesday. I have been doing everything they told me to so far. My right leg is elevated just about 24 hrs a day in some way or another. I can get around on the crutches pretty well, but still get frusrated that I can’t carry much while using them. I have been taking a few different supplements since a couple days after the surgery and hopefully they are working. Not sure if I can mention what I’m taking on here, but if I can I will…especially if I get a good report from my surgeon this Weds. I am supposed get my cast taken off and go into a boot. Not sure it will be much better, but again I’m looking at it as a step in the right direction. I have noticed there’s quite a bit of wiggle room in my cast the last few days, so I’m hoping that means that the inflammation/swelling has gone down and maybe the supplements I’m taking are working. Either that or my leg is shrinking from not using it, hopefully that is not the case though.

So I guess that pretty much sums up my 1st few weeks. Hopefully I will get some responses with lots of positive feedback. I will post again after my checkup on Wednesday hopefully with some good news of progress. Thanks in advance for your input and support.


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