Almost 7 Weeks

I just spent a week in Cancun with the family. Unfortunately, I was unable to go in the pool so it was a lot of sitting around. Each flight went well, with just a bit of swelling. My dr. put me on blood thinners (xarelto) as a precaution. I just got back from visiting my surgeon. He took out a wedge and I’m down to one. I’m feeling some very minor pain in the tendon, but overall it looks good. He looked at the “divot” that I posted about earlier and said that the tendon is intact. The divot will likely fill in as more scar tissue builds up. He wasn’t sure what was causing it, which was a bit disconcerting.

He said that I can move to FWB in the boot. I’ve grown quite attached to my knee scooter so weaning off of it will be challenging as my speed around the house drops significantly!! I go back to him in 4 weeks so will update then!

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  1. Hey, I am 13 weeks out and I believe I have the same divot you are describing. I had 2 orthopedics tell me that it may just look like that the rest of my life, but that it has no impact on tendon health or strength just the way it healed up. Hope that helps to know someone else has same.

  2. Thanks for the response, Jben. I have a lot of questions for you! Unfortunately, my ortho’s response when I asked about the divot was “the tendon is intact. I’m not sure why that’s there. It should fill in over time.” Not very satisfying. If you’ll indulge me, I’d love to know the following:

    1) Did you have surgery?
    2) If so, have you had the divot since surgery? Has it changed at all?
    3) Does it go away when you dorsiflex?
    4) Does that portion of the tendon feel any different from the rest of the tendon (my divot area gets taught when I dorsiflex, but the area still fees thinner than the tendon on both sides of the divot)?
    5) Did you go to the second ortho to get a second opinion on the area or for some other reason?
    6) Did either offer or suggest a MRI?

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. 1- yes, i did have surgery. I had the minimally invasive arthrex procedure
    2- I had the divot since the first cast removal
    3- originally it only went away when i dorsiflexed. now after my morning stretches and calf raises it is gone for the day, but its there in the morning still
    4- the area doesn’t feel any thinner. my tendon is actually super thick still as i had a ton of scar tissue and after my last visit my doc said thats probably how it will remain
    5- my aunts boyfriend is actually a orthopedic so he took a look at it off the books for fun. I was never worried about the divot just cause its right near the area of my incision so I figured it was scar tissue related and since thats the area where it ruptured, thats where the tendons stretch was at max capacity.
    6- they did not offer a MRI. I actually never had one threw the entire process. each time I saw the doc he was happy with my progress (i am 25 so my healing was a bit quicker then the average i suppose). i have been out of my boot since about week 9 and the divot really just seems to be a cosmetic issue more then anything else.
    I still have a decent limp but never really any pain, just some general soreness in my foot at the end of my day.

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