Shoe Recommendations

I’ll hopefully be moving into two shoes soon (I’m 10 weeks post surgery). I remember going through a bunch of shoes trying to find a comfortable one when I tore my right AT 11 years ago so am trying to avoid that this time around.

Does anyone have any shoes they’d recommend? I’ve seen some recommend very supportive running shoes while others prefer more minimalist shoes like the Nike Free RN. Still others seem to like crocs or Birkenstocks for house shoes.

I’d appreciate any thoughts! Thanks!

Almost 7 Weeks

I just spent a week in Cancun with the family. Unfortunately, I was unable to go in the pool so it was a lot of sitting around. Each flight went well, with just a bit of swelling. My dr. put me on blood thinners (xarelto) as a precaution. I just got back from visiting my surgeon. He took out a wedge and I’m down to one. I’m feeling some very minor pain in the tendon, but overall it looks good. He looked at the “divot” that I posted about earlier and said that the tendon is intact. The divot will likely fill in as more scar tissue builds up. He wasn’t sure what was causing it, which was a bit disconcerting.

He said that I can move to FWB in the boot. I’ve grown quite attached to my knee scooter so weaning off of it will be challenging as my speed around the house drops significantly!! I go back to him in 4 weeks so will update then!

Weird Divot

I’m almost 6 weeks post-surgery.  Since about week 3, I’ve had this weird divot in the repaired tendon. It mostly smooths our when I dorsiflex.   Has anyone else experienced this?  When I dorsiflex, the tendon feels nice and strong so not necessarily concerned about how well it is healing but curious since I didn’t have this last time around. I tried uploading pictures but couldn’t get it to work from my phone.

Second Time Around!

I’m now 3 weeks post-surgery after having ruptured my left Achilles playing lacrosse.  I was one of the early visitors to the main blog 11 years ago when I ruptured my RIGHT Achilles playing basketball.  I wish I didn’t know what I was in for!!   Last time around, I was NWB in plaster/a splint for the first four weeks.  I’m now PWB (toe touch) in my Air Cast, able to shower without the boot and doing basic ROM exercises three times per day.  Treatment protocols have definitely changed since my last ride on this roller coaster!  Thankfully, I work from home so am able to elevate, rest, etc. as needed.  THe main difference is that I now have two young kids, which make my inability to be active much more frustrating.  I’ll try to update progress as things change.