Posted by: tatyana | June 30, 2014

11 weeks report

Lots of news!

My 10 weeks appointment with OS went well. I told him that I take the boot off only at home, but actually I dropped it completely at 9 weeks and never looked back. He suggested I start weaning off the boot in the course of the following two weeks. But of course, I am not putting it back on just to wean off it! There is no return to it for me. I am done with this ugly heavy thing! I keep it at work now and only use twice a week to walk to/from my exercise (Yoga and Pilates) classes (0.7 miles each way) just because it is faster and I am guaranteed not to hurt myself. But I do consider stopping this next week. It feels awkward to wear it these days. The doc also said that I do not need to wear my light ankle brace to bed anymore, which means I am free of all restraints when I sleep. Finally! He said I should be able to start jogging in October, which puts me at 7 months post op. Is it right? Do I really have to wait that long to start running and jumping again?

But the main thing I wanted to report is my physical therapy. It is a pure pleasure and I love every minute of it. I am at 11 weeks right now and unfortunately, my strength is just not there yet, not at all. Today at PT I was in the anti gravity machine (Alter G) and even with only 20% of the weight I was only able to do a little over a half of a single heel raise (actually 30 of them) while still holding onto the sides of the machine. How pathetic is that? PT doesn’t seem to be concerned though and thinks that I am doing alright for 11 weeks. On the other hand, my brain was delighted today to have me walk absolutely normally, taking long strides and pushing off, but with only 25% of the weight… Still, I loved the experience and the fact that I didn’t forget how to walk like a normal human being! In addition to defying gravity, we normally do all the standard exercises – stationary bike, various bridges, side steps with resistance band, stability ball, etc. My favorite part is a manual massage of Achilles and the ultra sound massage of the scar (apparently it helps to break down the scar tissue.) It feels so very good and only now, at 11 weeks post op, I am actually beginning to believe that I can be normal again. Up to this point, I was really doubtful that my active life will ever be the same. Now I see the light in this tunnel. Happy! 


A exciting time for you and being able to do any sort of calf raise at your stage is very encouraging. You may feel able to start some light jogging a bit sooner than 7 months but it is some time away yet regardless. From memory my return to jogging was about week 19 but it was not a great effort. You will need to have good flexion to cope with the longer stride. Push off power may not be there at first but it builds. Your PT will tell you when you are able and you will probably do some on a treadmill or the alter g.

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