Posted by: tatyana | June 14, 2014

9 weeks report

I am not supposed to even think about 2 shoes yet. My next appointment with my OS is only next week (10 weeks) but… ┬áIt is hard to sit in my boot and read in this blog about everyone else walking bootless by the 8 weeks mark. I think my doc would not mind that first (8 weeks) I started walking barefoot at home and then (9 weeks) tried a pair of athletic shoes. Yes, I am limping (not much though) and yes, I am slow, but I do feel how my tendon gets progressively stronger. I literally feel the difference from day to day! As someone on this blog said, going to 2 shoes is both thrilling and terrifying! I cannot agree more! I am continuously thinking that while wearing shoes I would simply forget that I am still imperfect and take a wrong step or bend too far or something else silly. And yet, all this thinking is not enough to drive me back to the boot! :-) Today I attempted stairs and climbed up perfectly, but I still felt too tight to go down, which I think is fine at this point.

Now a quick report on my physical activities. I stick to my regular exercise routine (push ups, curl ups, free weights, etc) almost every day. I pedal a stationary bike for 20 minutes every day, in the boot. I stop at 20 min not because I can’t do any more, but just because I find it very very boring! Being stuck in one spot doesn’t feel like a workout to me, although I do break a sweat. Also, since I am not going to be able to continue my bootcamp class for a while, I have signed up for Pilates (which I’ve never taken before) and Yoga (which I strongly dislike) twice a week. These classes seem somewhat calmer and less intense than my favorite bootcamp, but I just cannot wait and feel I have to do at least something! So I figured that by engaging in less desirable activities I may move faster toward the activities I would love to engage in. :-) Plus, I am finally starting my “official” PT and will report later on what I do and how it works for me.

Wishing everyone smooth healing!


You are a great example of what people CAN do while recovering from this injury. I also found stationary bike boring but persisted as an aerobic work out until I could ride free. That was as scarey as going to 2 shoes. I realised it was my bad leg I would put down first when I stopped and had to retrain my mind to use the other. I am sure you will manage this next transition well. If you are managing stairs well at this point then I would say you are doing great.

Going downstairs normally is an extremely challenging activity for a healing AT, but there’s a simple trick that makes it way less challenging. Most of us practiced it first when we were FWB in boots, then just continued using it with 2 shoes, as long as we needed it. Described in greater detail, but basically you just place your injured foot much farther forward than normally — at least half of the foot hanging over air. Then when you step past it with the “good” foot, your injured-side foot can just roll over the step, without your ankle having to flex while FWB-loaded. You could practice it in a bood first. . .

er, … boot.

Yes Norm! Thank you! I tried your method right away as I’ve read about it in someone else’s blog. It didn’t work the first day, but it does work today! I must have been too scared yesterday. :-)

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