Posted by: tatyana | May 21, 2014

Almost 6 weeks

Saw the doctor today because I didn’t like the look of my scar. He said the scar does look a bit redder than he would like it to, but it is not infected. Just some irritation from where the boot is touching it. I cannot stand the boot anymore, I am really and truly sick of it… So I mentioned it to the doc and he had some mercy on me! I got a break — he gave me an ankle brace for the night only. I don’t have to sleep with that awful anchor anymore. Oh joy! How little do I need these days to feel happy!

I also scheduled my future PT visits, so as soon as I get my OS’ prescription/referral, I would not have to wait for the next available appointment, I am all set.

Oh, and I went back to work this week. It feels terrible. I was not swollen at all before, but once I started at my desk, my ankle is getting big and painful by the end of the day. Good thing I have a handicapped parking permit now,  so it takes me only a few seconds to jump to my car, zip home, and put my leg on ice and All the way up.

I am dropping another wedge this weekend. We’ll see how it goes…

And I do exercise pretty hard at home, mostly upper body, free weights, crunches, push ups using both feet, etc. Plus, my unofficial PT — Theraband AT stretches, alphabet spelling, bumpy ball rolling. Very disappointed with my non-existent calf, but there is not much I can do about it right now. I am literally all itching to get back to my regular exercise routine!!!


My scar looked great while PWB, but has looked angrier and redder since I went FWB. Had the OS nurse look at it, and she said pretty normal, and looked OK. Put a bandage over the worst part, and it is doing better! I guess the boot is kind of beating it up!

I totally understand your lack of calf love. I am amazed at the amount of atrophy I have also. Very sad little calf lol. Good luck and keep up the good upper body workouts for now.

Jeff, yes, I think this is exactly what is happening. As soon as went back to work, my scar doesn’t get a break. I obviously walk more. Btw, my OS did exactly what you said, stuck a band aid on the bad end of the scar.

Nwebber, I think I will be obsessed over re-building my calf. I have never been a runner, but every time I look at my poor gastroc, I think to myself that if I want to wear skirts again, I will HAVE TO start running/jogging. Or maybe I can try those elliptical stepper machines?

Not sure that running is a great way to bring AT-affected calves back toward symmetry.
Are you wearing scar-covering socks inside the boot? Have you tried double socks? If you can get one sock rubbing on the other (or on a bandage), instead of on your sensitive scar, it will probably solve the problem.
Finally, can’t you stick your leg up on a chair while you sit at your desk? I made that work in nice restaurants, so a work desk should be easy…

I do wear a sock inside the boot, but I certainly never thought of a double sock. Will try it next. A bandage works so far. I was actually afraid to use it, thinking I would not be able to detach it safely from the scar. But the doc said it all healed already and won’t be a problem. And yes, I completely rearranged my workstation. But my job keeps me in front of the monitor pretty much all 8hrs. I do get seriously tired keeping my leg on a side chair. It is still better though than having it on the floor for the whole day. I take the boot off and do my own PT at lunch. What do you think is the best way to build the calf back, except for the heel raises, leg presses and curls?

I’ve always been told that resistance training is what can build (or rebuild) muscle mass. Not CV exercise like running. And I think long-distance running can consume muscle.

Keep the good attitude Tatyana. I would take some gauze and fold it up for a few layers and simply stick it over the scar between the sock. That would be perfect for the day like that. Band aid’s also worked well. Aquafor is a great product to rub into your scar for softening and healing. -Rob

Thanks Rob, I will get Aquaphor and try it when I am home. Band aid works pretty well during the day while I am at work. I wish I thought of all these precautions before I went back to work. Oh well, it is my first scar and I am learning how to deal with it.

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