Hello from Suffolk


Here’s my (tragic) story ;-)

All pretty standard fare from what I have read on this site, however here goes… I ruptured my achilles tendon one week ago today playing 5 aside football. I initially thought that I had been chopped down by the opposition but looking up from my crumpled heap I saw that there was no one was near me, I then looked for the hole that I must have fallen down - finally the popping sound made sense to me and the penny dropped. To be honest, it never actually hurt that much so I assumed that it was just a little tweak rather than something more serious.

When I got home my wife (after a bit of surfing) suggested that I should get it checked out properly, so she arranged sitters and took me to A&E. Not too bad an experience, they diagnosed a suspected rupture, fitted me with a temporary plaster cast, toes down, and sent me home. The following morning I was back up the hospital to see a specialist who confirmed the rupture, “agreed” a non surgical repair and had a permanent light weight cast fitted.

I am back up the hospital Friday week to have a boot fitted (I believe). In my notes it is called a Bohler Iron - any one heard of it? I am assuming that I will then be PWB?

P.s. crutches are rubbish!