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4 weeks post op

It’s been exactly 28 days since my surgery and It’s going along pretty smooth.  I’m really getting fed up with never having my hands free to carry things and I’m sick of every single daily task being such a chore but I’m past the halfway point of the non weight bearing nightmare so the final two weeks of it should go by pretty fast.

The past few days I’ve seen a huge amount of progress since they started letting me do some band resisted range of motion at PT.  My foot and ankle strength/mobility have increased more in the past 72 hours than it did in the first week and half out of the cast.  I’ve been very passive working dorsiflexion as I’m well aware of the risks of the tendon healing too long.  I don’t work it past the initial point of tension right now.  I’m also able to move my foot/toes a lot faster and with less concentration and effort than I previously could which tells me my nervous system is starting to function properly again.  The swelling has also gone down drastically and really only gets bad when I have the boot on for an extended period of time.

I rode the exercise bike (barefooted) for 5 minutes at PT the other day and even though i didn’t even push off the repaired leg i could feel the fatigue and tension in the achilles from the continuous motion/usage of the foot.   I was petrified to put any pressure on the ball of my foot at first but gently applied a little bit as i got going and it felt fine…tight, but fine.  Therapists were adament that if I felt any sort of pain or discomfort that I had to stop.

I’ve been doing all of my exercises at least twice a day and icing 3-4 times a day along with constantly squeezing my toes and wiggling the foot while I’m on the couch watching TV  so hopefully my Dr gives the go ahead to become PWB in 2 weeks.

I did accidentally confirm that the tendon is strong enough to handle my full body weight the other day (in the boot of course).  I was on my way our athletic training room building and it was raining pretty hard.  A couple steps inside the building the crutches slipped out to the sides and I instinctively caught myself on the repaired leg it what was basically a walking lunge position.  I didn’t feel any pain or stretching of the achilles but was still scared as hell.  The trainer examined my achilles and everything felt/looked the same as the previous days.

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  1. Michael Says:

    The scariest thing about this injury is the thought that it could happen again. To be part of the way and have to restart would be really tough. Kind of like a game of snakes and ladders. Good luck with the recovery.

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